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14.05.11.Suschestvuet great many theories about what to Earth and all humanity may face in between now and 2025.

Depending then on who you talk to or what site a look, you can see that we are facing a kind of shift in the space of density and consciousness. Or you can tell a whole theory about the end of the world, based on the predictions of the ancient civilizations like the Maya, the ancient Egyptians and the Sumerians, or based on ancient texts such as the Book of Changes.

In recent years, the most discussed topic was the theory that the origin of various galactic objects fly through space and collide with the solar system and the Earth will become the epicenter of the clashes. The most popular in the role of this object are Nibiru, Planet X and Comet Elenin (which, in fact, could be called a comet, an asteroid or a brown dwarf, depending on what information you come across.)

Over the past two years I have studied the length and breadth of theories and analyzes research on the subject of Planet X or Nibiru, and I have yet to find sufficient proof of these theories in order to have grounds for a final opinion on the matter. I do not believe any of the theories, the most likely, but it is important to be careful with the theories about the end of the world.

Lately I've been watching this comet Elenin, followed by NASA, JPL and other space agencies around the world. And I must say that this story of a comet me wary. Unlike Planet X and Nibiru, at the moment there are genuine observations of comet Elenin. Oh yes, I know that if Nibiru or Planet X exists, we do not talk about the real situation, but it seems interesting happening in the world and the actions of the governments from the time of the comet Elenin as it became known to the general public.

But I'm not here to tell you what to believe and what not. I just, as always, I share his view on the events associated with the Earth, which are now taking place, and try to gather them all together, so you can see and make some assumptions about what is being hidden.

Around the world, strange events, and the question is why. Pandemic among animals, unusual climate change (but not those of which we repeat), increase the number and strength of any type of natural disaster, continental shifts and increasing activity in our solar system, which affects each planet and the sun, which, in turn, affects us.

Participation location in line moons, planets and other celestial objects, it seems, strongly affects people. Such influence can be both bad and good. But, nevertheless, space objects along the same lines at all times. So why are these cosmic phenomena affect our planet and humanity now? Why is this happening? Exactly these questions we must ask ourselves.

It is no secret that the governments of the countries to increase construction of huge underground structures semenohranilisch and everything necessary to sustain life of cattle. Many representatives of the global elite have bought a lot of real estate in the southern hemisphere, particularly in South America, and some have already moved there. Also, it seems they are more and more make statements that everyone should prepare for a disaster.

Here are some of the most publicized disasters: nuclear, pandemic, chemical and biological, natural (worldwide), solar, space, and global warming. Particularly interesting that no one is talking about a time when a disaster caused by deliberate acts of people. Recently I found a video that made me look deeper into this new craze in the world prepare for emergencies.

VIDEO. The video deals with the fact that in Moscow are going to build five thousand shelters because metro too little?.

Is Russian build these underground shelters in case of nuclear disaster? Small country Switzerland's policy of neutrality, already has enough underground facilities to provide shelter for every Swiss. This is something that never would have made the U.S. government. Did you know that the U.S. government is building every year on average, two or three shelters deep underground? And that's not counting the ones that have already been built, which includes fresh. I'll tell you a little story, but first I want you to look at other sources of information about what has been mentioned here. As I said, I can not confirm the existence of Planet X or Nibiru, but I can confirm the existence of the comet Elenin.

Translation: Anastasia

Source: mixednews

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