Critical UN Security Council meeting may be held now. This diplomat said, noting that critical meeting convened in connection with the recent «seismic events» North Korea, which experts consider testing of nuclear weapons, reports Reuters.
Immediately South Korean President Lee Myung-bak now collects critical meeting of the State Security Council. Currently, Seoul analyzes data acquired on tremors in the DPRK. Ministry of Security of South Korea stated that «seismic event» North Korea, which, according to the U.S. Geological Survey had a magnitude of 4.9, may be a nuclear weapons test. Diplomats from the UN Security Council also took the view that the tremors in the north of the DPRK had nuclear weapons test.
Earlier today on nuclear safety agency land of the rising sun, which monitors the situation in the nuclear power sector, correlated data recorded at the place in North Korea earlier today aftershocks with «seismic events» that took place to be in 2006. and 2009., when North Korea’s nuclear tests performed. As noted in the Japanese department acquired data matches. In addition, Japanese experts have indicated that the tremors were recorded in North Korea earlier today, are «obvious relevant features» that allow you to talk about the fact that it was specifically a blast.
According to the Ministry of Security of South Korea, recorded earlier today tremors in North Korea could be the result of the explosion power 6-7 kilotons.
Recall around 7:00 MSK North Korea to the north came a seismic event of magnitude 4.9. Experts presented almost immediately that the tremors were «man-made nature» were caused by underground testing of nuclear weapons.

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