South Korea poured rain. Video


11.07.11.Yuzhnaya Korea in July, was under the influence of extra-tropical monsoon zone. Since the first of the month, and so far in the country do not stop heavy showers.

Each day has up to 150-240 mm of rain. That's the day before in a piggy bank added more rainfall of 170 mm. Brunt of the disaster was in the southern and central regions of the country. In some areas, the amount of precipitation has exceeded 500 millimeters.

Heavy rains have led to flooding and landslides in the mountains. Under the water were most agricultural land and dozens of houses. Across the country, swept away about 90 houses, more than two hundred people were evacuated from their homes. At the moment, officially declared dead eight people, with four missing.

On motorways, especially in the southern part of the country, blocked traffic. It is also reported that in some mountain areas were cut off a few tourists. Rescuers are now trying to rescue them using helicopters.

Country has suffered a multi-million damage, while Korean weather forecasters warn of continuing the strongest precipitation.

Source: , NTDRussian

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