SOUTH pilots in 2011 increased their raid in two


The intensity of the combat training of pilots of the Southern Military District in 2011 significantly increased

The intensity of the combat training of pilots of the Southern Military District in 2011 increased significantly, said on Monday Interfax-AVN head of the press service of the Military District Colonel Igor Gorbul. "Special attention was given to flight training recent graduates of flying schools, — he said. — Average bloom of young pilots was 140 hours, more experienced — 90 hours. Compared with 2010 raid crew has doubled. "

The colonel said that the total flight pilots of the Southern Military District in 2011 was more than 43 thousand hours. Of these, 25% were flying at night and in adverse weather conditions. It was completed about four thousand and five thousand bombing aircraft missile launches. Improved their skills more than 230 pilots, navigators and on-board staff. In this case, the pilots District participated in international exercises "Combat Commonwealth-2011", "Vigilant Sky 2011", as well as the operational-strategic exercises "Center-2011", held at the sites of the Southern and Central military districts.

If we consider that at the meeting of the Public Chamber of Russian Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Army General Nikolai Makarov said that as a result of the Army and Navy of the Russian pilots flying the reform increased from 10-15 hours per year to 90 hours, in 2012, he will have to reach a height of 130 hours, and then reach the level of intensity of being in the air combat pilots of the advanced countries of the world — 250 hours, pilots reach YUGV command respect. And although the average figure impingement — is the average temperature in the hospital, it is still growing combat skill of the pilots, "belligerent" in the county today — a good example for our other military and administrative organizations.

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