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24.06.11.V Chelyabinsk region on the highway on the way to a settlement Bagaryakskoe Kasli area observed the invasion of cabbage butterflies. All roadside studded with white fluff. What caused this phenomenon is still unknown, but it is assumed that this is something similar to the migration of butterflies.

The first report on butterfly migrations dated 1100 year, and in 1104 a butterfly "eclipsed the sun" on one of the French towns, causing panic among residents. In 1272, the same fear experienced Italians, and in 1248-m — Japanese. In 1745, a cloud of white cabbage butterfly fell to the German village of Harra. Residents seemed as if of a hot summer snowstorm raged.

Itself cabbage — is a daily sulfur, one of the main food plants caterpillars. Per habitat is the active form cheshuychatokrylyh migrant. Forest edges, clearings, meadows, roadsides, gardens, parks, forest belts along the railroads, often found in populated areas where there are cultivated crucifers.

It should be noted that Babochkin years seen in Zlatoust. White-winged fluttering "snow" fell on coastal forest ponds, raging along the freeways, clogging radiators and headlights cars plastered windshields.

Source: Broadcaster ITV-Chelyabinsk

From the time factor: In early June 2010 are also seen Invasion of butterflies to the Southern Urals, but compared to this year is not as pronounced in kollichestvennom regard.

Invasion of butterflies in Satka district



22.06.11.V last week satkintsy observed an unusual phenomenon — the mass flight of butterflies. White-winged insects fluttering around the city and its suburbs.
Butterflies in our area — normal thing, but in an amount they can be seen often. However, not all happening liking. Gardeners quickly realized that it's all finished invasion of caterpillars.

About what the reasons could be the cause of this phenomenon and how to protect themselves from its effects, we asked dendrologist Eugene Konevtseva. He explained that the butterflies whiteflies (other famous names — urticaria, cabbage), and in that year there were many. Eggs, which they postponed due to weather conditions well tolerated winter. Summer also proved favorable. That's the result.

Those who want to protect the deciduous plants in their suburban areas of the caterpillars have to work hard. Good help weeding the area and destroy nests of eggs. If time is lost, and the caterpillars have hatched, will have to do their duty.

You can use the traditional methods of pest control. For example, sprinkle the leaves of cabbage and other crops tobacco or expand the beds wormwood. Can be accessed and to chemicals. In any gardening store such drugs will be many.

Some use dichlorvos. Spray on the plants it is a distance of about two meters, so as not to have formed droplets that can burn the leaves. Such a measure would not only kill the plants have already reached the pests but also discourage new ones. Though not for long. The first rain will wash away the drug from the leaves. In dry weather protection will operate one to two weeks. Before using chemicals, it is worth considering what more it will bring — good or harm. Thus, dichlorvos decomposed for about two weeks (more can be found in the instructions to this or other chemicals). Until then, the plants treated with them, eating is not necessary.

Elena Mikhailova

Source: Satka working

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