Sowing of spring in Dagestan increased by 5.7%

Sowing of spring in Dagestan increased by 5.7%, RIA "Dagestan", the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic. 

According to the source, agricultural producers republic currently planted spring crops 94 thousand 383 hectares, which is 5.7% higher than the same period last year.

"The country has already planted 19 thousand 883 hectares of perennial grasses, 16 thousand 899 hectares of vegetables, 13 thousand 466 hectares of annual grasses, 12 thousand 580 hectares of potatoes, 9 thousand 562 hectares of maize, 5 thousand 614 hectares of sunflower, 575 hectares of rice, 3 thousand 662 hectares of melon. Plowing for spring sowing carried out in the farms of the republic on the area 126 thousand 654 hectares. Most farms are plowed in Kizlyar — 23 thousand hectares and Hasavjurtovskogo — 22 hectares — areas ", — concluded the source.

According to the district departments of Agriculture is scheduled to land in the current year one thousand 178 hectares of new orchards. To date, under the Plantage raised gardens on the area 907 hectares. Already planted 523 hectares of new orchards, most planted in farms Magaramkentskogo area — 60 hectares.

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