Spatial shift

February 10, 2012 20:02

The size of the universe has no meaning. Planet — far more advanced beings than dwell in them individual life forms. However, they are very sensitive to their inhabitants. Stars are much more advanced than the planet, and have full knowledge of all densities.

Galaxies are much more advanced than the stars, and program the basic conditions for the spiritual, mental, and even physical development of all star systems. The visible universe is much more developed than the galaxy and sets the basic laws and patterns, which will be followed by all, for it — the embodiment of the One Infinite Creator.

As conscious beings, the Galaxy use natural laws of vibration to create in themselves sloirovannyh individual "zones" of energy density / consciousness. If you look down, the Galaxy is divided into zones or sectors of density, which looks like a pinwheel or a cake, cut into many pieces (half-moon), the burgeoning center of the flower. Area remained unchanged in the space until they pass through the star system.

When the star system is consistently moving through areas, the overall density of the ether is increasing or decreasing depending on the location of the system. These zones have been discovered and scientifically measured. Dr. Alexey Dmitriev calls them "magnetic stripes and grooves." Accurate cycle time, again based on the mathematics of music and vibration control how long a planetary system will go through a particular zone. These cycles will be discussed in detail in Volume 1, for the oldest preserved for them a fantastic degree of knowledge, such as the Sumerian clay tablets.

The purpose of the planetary system moving through the different levels of energy density, — to promote the spiritual evolution in a fixed location. Find themselves at the end of the cycle, these people beings have free will. They will choose to move it from one density to another. In this case, they are allowed to leave the cycle of reincarnation and move into a higher sphere of existence, while for the stars and planets of the time line of progress with respect to fixed.

Boundary between one zone and another in density configuration of the galactic "pinwheel" can be visualized as a straight line behavior when water dripped oil, because it is a perfect analogy of what happens when two fluids with different densities in contact with each other.

Now the solar system moves to the next higher level of density in the Galaxy, which makes the area around the Earth to move from the third density (in which we live now) fourth — in effect, creating what can be thought of as a "spatial shift."

We "cross the waterline" from one density to another somewhere between 2010-2013 years, the relevant date for the Mayan Calendar of Events — December 21, 2012. This event causes irreversible changes in the main around us as matter and energy, including the speed of visible light, which is much higher in our local area. Remember that right now we are watching all the stars through the lens of the speed at which light travels in third density, not higher. Therefore, when we move to a higher level, for us shifted appearance of the whole universe.

The entire solar system shows significant signs of increased energy charge, for we are getting closer and closer to the final moment. Our solar system, "expire" more and more high vibration and pressure energy. Each month, new discoveries are made (coming from the scientific community), who unknowingly added reliability of the model. In October 2002, it was reported that Pluto is experiencing "global warming" and the dramatic increase in atmospheric pressure, although now it is removed from the Sun. Scientific clergy claims that this phenomenon of "not connected" to global warming on Earth, although recent article reported on global warming on Mars and Venus, along with other anomalies that occur on other planets — increase brightness, increasing the magnetic field strength, great changes in the atmosphere, and even a pole shift on Uranus and Neptune. There was only Pluto, which we still do not have enough solid evidence: So, the model is complete.

Another, no less important signal: as we move from one density to another, the structure of DNA, and we now have a scientific model to explain why this happens. Spiral "torsion" (ie "twisting") wave energy in the air have a pattern of DNA, to write on them on the smallest level is programmed mind Galaxy. These spiraling waves affect matter through subtle but measurable flows of force that we will show in Volume 3. Since around "fly" free items, all of them in a lot of captured flows spiral waves and automatically organized as a jigsaw puzzle in the first amino acid, and eventually into the DNA.

When a planet passes in a zone of high energy density, the underlying spiral waves become more complex, as a result, the structure DNKstanovyatsya more developed. One of the scientists in the field of DNA published a remarkable study that suggests that the majority of galactic dust has the same qualities that would be expected in bacteria. This indicates that the galaxy is constantly forming DNA.

Body may be sent dangerously large amounts of energy (much more than is used for healing work.) They are able to change the quality of the DNA so that one body can turn into another, that is, by causing physical transformation / mutation. Dr. Yu Jiang Kanchgen [10] was able to use this process to make a chicken into a duck, including the appearance of the membrane between the usual chicken legs.

Opening Dr. Kanchgen — effective proof that the spiraling torsion waves are the true hidden architects of the DNA molecule, and that these patterns can be energetically altered within a single lifetime. Despite the ethical objections, at the request of these experiments can be relatively easily repeated.

Evolution of species, both physically and in terms of spirituality, automatically, as soon as we move from one level of aetheric density to another. We already have great historical evidence showing when and how it happened before, when for a short time native creatures on Earth disappeared and there were more highly developed forms. This happened at a time when we went through the various sub-levels of density, and now we move to the next main level of the "true colors".

As reported in the last chapter, we are in the process of mass extinction, at a level not seen since the days of the dinosaurs, so there is no need to fear some kind of invisible death. We now dwell in the midst of the process. It was assumed that these events are only called "human factor", but the model shows the opposite. Each time this has happened in the past, on the world stage suddenly came out new and more sophisticated types, and now — is no exception.

Now, as we explore a new model of evolution, let's go back to the behavior of air associated with the universal consciousness and the formation of "physical matter." Demonstrate further evidence of how the technical information has been hidden in the symbolism of the surviving Atlanteans.

We show how in the universe according to simple properties of vibration, neatly organized energy fields at various levels of sizes:

At the highest levels of density energy medium acts more like a solid (just like water can be frozen and turned into solid ice). At these levels, energy is moving much, much faster than the speed of light, theoretically instantaneous, thus supporting instant consciousness of the universe, that is, unity. In Volume 3, we show how it was opened by Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev. Thus, the existence of physics provides instant awareness of "the mind of God" — our universe, which, as expected, to be present for the existence of "God."

To repeat: the spiraling "vortex" of the movement, similar to the eddy currents are formed from non-physical environment fluidlike all physical matter. (Not all the vortices are strong enough to create a stable substance. Now discovered that "virtual particles" behave like ordinary atomic "particles" but continuously appear and disappear from view.)

Hence, everything that we see in the universe, formed complex movements of pressure and counterpressure, pushing and being drawn into a single environment.

In order to visualize the main vortices created matter, the scope should be visualized with two funnels / whirlpools in the form of a tornado. A funnel (its widest part is at the North Pole) is narrowed down to the center of the sphere, and the other (its widest part is at the south pole) too narrow, climbing up to the center of the sphere. Their cavities are joined together to form a constriction in the center of the sphere. The very scope and flowing curls around itself as consisting of a string ball or a smoke ring. This form, a sphere with a "donut, a hole" which narrows in the middle, in the technique called spherical torus.

Ancient shamans and mystics came out of the body and saw a spherical dome structure surrounding the solar system. On the black background of space it look translucent blue-white in the center of the Sun is narrowing funnel. From the perspective of the Earth's orbit, along the median plane of the sphere, if you look at the north pole of the Sun, the energy field looks like an expanding column that rises from the sun is converted into a spherical dome. The same "structure" extends down from the south pole of the Sun. This is called the Tree of Life. It is this power structure forms the "body" of the tree in the world. This is another way of symbolism by which the ancient Atlanteans hid their technical knowledge, it will be considered in detail in Volume 2. Later searchers visually perceive all, just believe the myth that it is "tree", and did not understand the science behind it.

Another came from Atlanta symbolic / technical metaphor of this energy field — "Orphic Egg" and / or "The central stone", "navel of the earth." It is depicted in the form of eggs with wrap around it like a snake — another very precise character like actually look twisting energy fields. The snake is twisting "torsion" of the field, and the egg indicates basic spherical structure.

Every atom of our contemporary reality, especially formed in vivo is not perturbed, has some degree of existence in different densities, but has a tendency to "focus" on a level that we now perceive.

Since this energy is conscious, well-trained person can create physical matter only through conscious intention.

The same energy fields structure the size of all the levels in the universe (and everything that lives in some form) of the atom, fetal cells and vital organs of the human body to the moon, planets, stars, galaxies, clusters of galaxies and the visible universe. As soon as you "fix error" that exist in the modern scientific thought, in every level you will see the work of the same basic energy forms, such as the aura of the person or the magnetic field of the planet.

As revealed by Ray Tomes, different levels separated by a clear size equal treatment 34560. More details are to be considered in Volume 3. The universe is extremely well organized under the laws of vibration.

Therefore, in each, even the tiniest "subatomic particle" remains of an original creation, which is a lot like a hologram. Inside every cell of your universe resides, formed by the same basic pattern as the One Infinite Creator. That's where "God created man in His own image and likeness."

Each density is populated more and more intelligent life, moving towards convergence with full unity. And we stay only in the third of the seven levels. That is why now we have so much help, for it is possible to say that we "pull" on a planetary scale that, spiritually speaking, is the cause of much destruction and stay in relatively blind condition.

As soon as the gold nuggets of thought will take root in your mind throughout the series, they unfold and reveal his true glory, with lots of evidence and other surprises that we have not yet discovered.

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