Special commission to find out the reasons of failures Samara cars under asphalt

A special commission set up in Samara to investigate incidents of failures of cars under the asphalt, found that their cause was leaking water from the municipal water main. Also established the cause of death car driver Hyundai drowned in a pit with water.

Recall last week on different streets in the center of Samara under the asphalt fell through several cars. On Monday, the incident occurred with the car Hyundai, on Wednesday under the asphalt left two cars — loaded with asphalt mixture "KamAZ " and Lada Kalina, whose drivers were not injured.

At the conclusion of the commission, the cause of the failure of the car Hyundai has become a huge drain water from the water main is extremely worn. As the RIA "Novosti",
it was built in 1974 and instead of standard 25 years is already 37. Foreign car driver died of a heart attack, not injuries, as previously reported.

The cause of the accident "KAMAZ" has become overloaded car more than 10 tons. The driver of the truck and contractor fined. It is reported that the break in place of opening the road repeatedly made to repair communications: heating systems, electrical power cables. The accident was damaged conduit.

Source: http://auto.newsru.com/article/30aug2011/proval

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