Storm during a snowfall, Muscovites saw a rare natural phenomenon

Very rare natural phenomenon could watch today from Moscow. Lightning strikes during a snowfall — this does not happen every winter. Center reports FOBOS, at midday Moscow was in the zone of active atmospheric front. And he brought with him a wide range of weather conditions.

It all began in the winter — with snow storm and rain will end, forecasters promise. At around 13 o'clock in the sky over the capital have even a thunderstorm. Some citizens saw lightning and heard thunder. Reports of this can be seen in the blogs. "Thunderstorm, guys, I have just been on the balcony, suddenly polyhnet not had time to think, what it was, right there shandarahnulo so that the glass rattled. What to do?" — LJ user perplexed felitsia.

"We here at ENEA thunder and lightning, but hail and snow, You have seen it? Storm on the eve of the new year …" — Writes tukanchik.

"And we've got to Dmitrov first strongly lightning flashed, glow in the room was like a flash of, immediately once much thunder rumbled, and then threw much snow. Outside zero visibility — the next office is almost invisible!" — Says kro-ha.

Radar observations, however, confirm the words of eyewitnesses: the fact cumulonimbus clouds and weak thunderstorms fixed. In such processes the winter storms — is not uncommon, say meteorologists. Typically, these phenomena are characterized by separate brief discharge for 1-5 minutes. The last time a storm was recorded in Moscow on 18 December 2006.

Meanwhile, forecasters warn that weather prepares residents of central Russia even more surprises. The European part of the country began to come very warm Atlantic air, so the temperature will rise strongly enough. Sometimes even probable records.

As announced on air of "Morning of Russia" specialist of the PHOBOS Volosyuk Elena, in the first half of the week thermometers will show zero to plus 5 degrees. Snow will move in the rain, conditions are expected to glaze — all accompanied by gusty south-west wind.

Improvement in the weather is expected in the second half of the week, when rainfall will weaken. Temperatures will drop a bit, but will still be significantly higher than normal.

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