Storm in the UK. Photographic

Strong waves beat against the promenade in Largs North Ayrshire.
Educational institutions and businesses across Scotland have been closed because of a severe storm that left 70,000 homes without power. Northern England and Northern Ireland also felt the blow of a strong wind.

Children having fun with splashes of waves in Gourok, Western Scotland.

Strong waves in Blackpool.

Flipped a truck on the highway near the M9 Stirling.

Two women walk in the rain in Glasgow.

The man goes in the direction of the service on the route Abington M74 in Lanarkshire, to shelter from strong winds.

The waves beat against the railroad in North Ayrshire.

A man and his dog hiding from the wind in Largs.

Breakage of a wind turbine in Ardrossane.

The waves beat against the jetty on the north coast of County Derry.

Man surfing in Newquay.

The hard landing of a passenger plane at the airport Leeds Bradford.

Fragments and debris thrown up on the embankment in Prestwick.

A man walking his dog on the waterfront in Northern Ireland.

The waves beat against the embankment in Largs.

2 boys trying to resist the wind, Argyll and Bute, Scotland.

Worker tries to clear drains in Helensburgh.

Damaged shop in Dumbarton.

2 women trying to overcome the strong winds in Edinburgh.


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