Storm Lee flooded southern U.S.: waiting for floods and tornadoes

Storm "Lee" reached the coast of the United States: Louisiana coast poured rain in the region expect floods and tornadoes. National Center for tracking hurricanes predprezhdaet that for Sunday rainfall in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama could reach 50 cm According to CNN, about 12,000 homes on the coast of Louisiana on Sunday night without electricity.

Official by a representative of the Center Dennis Feltgen told "Voice of America" that the rain can cause extensive flooding. It is possible and what is "Lee" trigger tornadoes in parts of southern Louisiana to the western Florida.

Approximation "Lee" forcing oil companies and gazobyvayuschie stop the ocean platforms and evacuate personnel.

Storm warning announced to the border of Alabama and Florida to Texas. The storm is on the way, and New Orleans, which was destroyed in 2005 by Hurricane "Katrina". The mayor of the city warned that the residents were ready for anything.

Storm "Kate" regained hurricane strength

Tropical storm "Kate" again become a hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean, RIA "Novosti" with reference to the U.S. National Hurricane Warning Center (US National Hurricane Center).

The cyclone is located in the Leeward Islands and is moving at a speed of 19 kilometers per hour in a north-westerly direction. If a hurricane does not change direction, it can reach the U.S. coast. Wind gusts at the center of "Kate" reach speeds of 120 kilometers per hour.

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