Strange earthquake in the UK

When photographing occurred push, and instead of reflecting on the glass bulbs are white stripes

When I started pushing, one Briton made a photo, which shows how sharply from another jolt jerked the image in the frame. White points is a reflection of lamps in the window. SUT $ $

City of Berwick (Berwick) in the county experienced Nortumberlent night strange tremors recorded by seismologists.

Feeling the afternoon at 15.15 strong shaking buildings and heard an ominous rumbling sound, many people thought that an earthquake. But authorities later said that it was about a certain sonic booms and most likely it came from military aircraft flown over the city.

Phones cut to the police eyewitness that had felt the shaking ground. Anxious people ran into the street en masse from their homes and offices. However, according to the police, no accidents or injured while not noted.

The British Geological Survey reports that received a lot of calls from Northumberland and the surrounding counties of Tyre and Wear with messages like, "I heard a low rumble of a strong", "whole house shook" and "a loud roar." According to the spokesman, now all the reports are processed. While it is known exactly only one it happened to 15.15 days.

The effect, according to, professionals, is similar to the sonic boom of the aircraft and they have received confirmation from a military base on the two military plane flying over the area at about that time.

All this is certainly interesting, but if you regularly make their aircraft crashes in the area, why no one before, a similar effect? What do they actually happened in reality, I think we can never know …


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