Stray dogs occupied the streets of Izhevsk


17.05.11.Izhevsk converted into kennels. Thousands of homeless dogs — sick and hungry — scare citizens.

"This is the day the dog sleep off the evening and night of them do not pass" — spoken in the streets of the Youth. A flock of stray dogs "occupied" by this site half a year ago. During this time, the number chetveronogo squad noticeably grown. Irina Ishmukhametova, resident of Street Youth: "It is terrible to let children. When were the drifts, I have it here on the site was afraid to go, because there was always a pack. Now they are constantly in the sandbox. Road safety. Will wait for an accident, and then did something to be taken. "

Young mother Irina Ishmukhametova repeatedly called and Ustinov in the administration and the management company — the answer is no. Dogs to leave their land in no hurry. Compassionate tenants they are fed. "There was a case here in the spring. Shop here, apparently feeds them. Pass through the yard could not — throw the bag right. Smell of meat or sausages here. Scary picture — they are well-fed, well-fed, so — says citizen. — We have also packs live. We are now coming out — the dog goes. I grouped all right, I am. Che is necessary to do with them. Who is responsible for them? "

Do not stray dog owners — for them there is no answer. Had that — will not ask with whom. At our request, city officials said "work is done, the stray dogs are caught." But effective law on the treatment of stray animals are not. It turns out that every spring the city is transformed into a large kennels.

Alexander Kovalchuk, a resident of Izhevsk: "Shoot, too — a living because, sorry, not humane, yes, even more so when in sight of the people. One neat catch, so it's no one knew where and what it is. And there is a will. " Ekaterina Gerasimova, a resident of Izhevsk: "Well, I think the most aggressive still need somewhere to send — to shelters, neutered, not to multiply."

According to unofficial data on the streets today is home to about five thousand abandoned by "friends of man." For example, in Samara, there were 16,000. It solved the problem by building new shelters and sterilization. Which path the capital of Udmurtia — is not clear.

Roman Vaginov

STRC "Udmurtia"

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