Strengthening of the aura of the child

November 21, 2011 12:03

Strengthening of the aura of the childGentle aura child can penetrate astral beats that only adult feels like a light touch.
Magical protection for the baby is important, not less, than preventive vaccination against diphtheria.
The most characteristic symptom of damage to the aura of casually said to the child or his mother a bad word — nightmares that are often plagued by a child under the age of 3 to 7.8 years. Waking up in the middle of the night, he was either crying hysterically or horror pops out of bed and ran instinctively seek the protection of their parents, not being able to explain to them the reason for his panic.
If this is happening with your child will help the next ritual, which should be held on Monday at waning moon. Take a metal knife and fork, is perfect — silver. Black thread tie it crosswise seven nodes. At the same time be willing to protect the child and the eternal rest at night. Grease a cross from the knife and fork Ladanova, juniper, sagebrush and sage butter. Put the knife and fork under the mattress — they provide optimum protection from nightmares.
Replacement of the knife and fork can be a large, eye — the so-called barn — metal key. It too should wrap black thread, tying seven knots.
If you live in a big city where there is a store of esoteric products, it makes sense to buy it "dream catcher" — a talisman to come into the modern magic of the traditional medicine of the American Indian. It represents the concentric rings of wood or plastic, connected by a network, in which small pieces of woven into this spider web. In principle, you can make it yourself, and do not let them get so beautiful. Hanged at the head, he pulls out a sleeping child nightmares aura, like a spider — juices caught in his net insects.
By the way, keep in mind: spider, despite its disagreeable appearance, in the views of almost all nations of the world is the creation of a friendly person. In many countries, as defenders of the spiders, catching vermin, even purposely lodge in children or give as a plush toy spiders Charm.
In Latin America and Southern Europe in this respect they are as popular as we have teddy bears.
But, of course, better to prevent trouble than eliminate their consequences. The most common way to protect young children from dark energy — sewn into their clothes red ribbons tied knots. Red — the color of life, and the nodes are connected by evil forces. Very reliable reception — to sew a sleeve baby shirt inside out, or if you are not expert at sewing, just wear T-shirts inside out lower. This "lack" of averting misfortune and evil thoughts.
Very simple method — put the child into the language before he was leaving the house, crossed the threshold, a pinch of salt, pollozhki honey, grain oats or rubbed his forehead with any of the protective oils.
Optimum protection of the child provides the chain with a pendant in the form of a tortoise.
Tortoise-shell, which protects it from all sides — a symbol of a completely "impenetrable" aura. Knowingly tortoiseshell combs in the past have been so popular — they are not allowed to head the owners bad thoughts and dark passion.
You've probably already guessed that the toy turtle, and even better — a live pet to share with the child the ability to reflect bad energy. Ten or twenty years ago, turtles were as pets are very popular, and very sorry that this vogue.
Another variation of the shell holders — clams, snails, and the usual found in the sea shells to exotic lobster. Those who are vacationing with the child in the south, have noticed an obsession with what the kids are caught crabs and pick up beautiful shells. It is clear that they just kind of interesting — at home they do not see anything like this. But in many ways the children works and mystical instinct — they are drawn to the fact that they need to astral protection.
Palms, for example, at home they also do not see, but rarely show them a special interest — and correctly, the child of magic, this plant is completely useless.
Unlikely to agree to a European child to wear a necklace of seashells — amulet in India or Latin America is for the children one of the most reliable. But, of course, it makes sense to decorate his room traditional southern souvenirs — trinkets made of shells. And, of course, buy a large sink to it, applying it to the eyelet, listening "sound of the sea." This is a very simple magic with regular exercise its execution brings remarkable results — vibration through the body shell hearing woven into the psycho-emotional body of the child, giving him strength and ability to withstand the everyday ebb and flow.
And, of course, the children need as much to eat seafood. This would not only feed their aura, but also due to the presence of an important element of the seafood — iodine is extremely useful for physical and mental development of the baby. In the coastal areas of India and China, children were fed once a week ritual dish: mussels or prawns cooked with garlic, ginger and honey (three food products, with the ability to ward off evil spirits.) Dish it can be called astral-vitamins in addition to protection from evil forces it forms a strong invisible cocoon, repulsive "energy germs" as healthy skin neutralizes microbes physical.

Lyudmila Zalyotin, folk healer

Secret Power 12, 2008

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