Strike paintball on an asteroid!

It turns out, paintball — not just a fascinating tactical game, but also a way to save the Earth from the dangers threatening it in the form of an asteroid! Sung-Wook Paik, graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has put forward this queer theory and was the winner of the annual contest "Move your asteroid", organized by the Space Generation Advisory Council (Space Generation Advisory Council) of the UN.

The student has to make two volley balls for paintball in the direction of an approaching asteroid to Earth. The force of their impact will cause a small deviation motion path of a celestial body, and the white paint, which is inside the shells, will lead to a more than twofold increase in the reflectivity of the asteroid. A larger number of photons, "rebounding" from the outer surface of the stone, will increase the pressure of sunlight and, as a consequence, a further deviation from the course of the asteroid threatening the Earth, according to the portal "Space."

As an example of such a celestial body student uses the asteroid "Apophis", which, according to scientists, can come close to our planet, first in 2029, the year, and then in the 2036 m. According to calculations by Peck, to cover the entire surface of the "Apophis" take five tons of white paint, and the pressure of sunlight can change the course of the heavenly bodies for 20 years.

According to scientists, "Apophis", which is about 270 kilometers across, is to pass at a distance of 30-40 thousand kilometers from Earth. In the event of a collision with our planet would be equivalent to the force of the impact explosion 110,000 atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima.


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