Strong earthquake could occur in Tokyo in the next four years

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The probability of strong earthquake with its epicenter in Tokyo in the next four years is 70%, this conclusion came a group of scientists at the Tokyo Institute of Seismology of the University, said on Monday, the newspaper "Yomiuri".

An earthquake measuring 7 was more likely due to the increased seismic activity in the area of the Japanese capital after the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11 last year.

Until now, the government is generally accepted estimates, according to which an earthquake, the focus of which will be directly under the metropolis, can occur with a probability of 70% within 30 years.

The newspaper cites mmo, according to which the seismic activity in the metropolitan area has grown five times since 11 March last year. From March to December of last year took place in Tokyo on average per day 1.48 earthquakes with a magnitude of 3 to 6.

Eleventh March 2011 in the north-east Japan earthquake with magnitude 9.0, which was officially named the "Great East Japan Earthquake." Earthquake such force, it is estimated to occur in the country only once in 600 years. This was followed by a tsunami, wave height in some places 30-40 meters, which surpassed all predictions of scientists. Dead and missing are listed for more than 19 thousand people. About 93% of those killed were victims of a giant wave. Completely or partly destroyed 126,000 buildings partially damaged — 260 thousand.

The tsunami triggered technological disaster, the elimination of MDM will take at least 30 years — the accident at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1", resulting in the leakage of radiation into the air and water, and then began to detect radioactive substances in drinking water, vegetables, tea, meat and other products. From the exclusion zone around the plant were evacuated 140,000 people.

In January 1995, Japan was the Great Hanshin earthquake of magnitude 7. Earthquake suffered most Kobe, the death toll has exceeded 6,000 people.

Source: RIA "Novosti".

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