Struck the Kuzbass hail was difficult to forecast — weather forecasters

Kemerovo forecasters believe chtoobrushivshiysya Tuesday evening on South Kuzbass large hail was difficult to predict, and it does not mean unprofessional service workers, said on Thursday, RIA Novosti Head of hydrometeorological service industries Kemerovo Hydrometeorological Raisa Buzunova.

"Anticipated this (degree) is quite difficult in the mountains. Role is played here ranges Mountain Shoria. Mountain side — it is always a mountain side. Rain come or will not shed. Zatsepa or engages (cyclone). Here (cyclone) caught in the mountains, not could pass. As such errors (in the absence of the forecast hail) was not here. forecasters There is no lack of professionalism "- said Buzonova.

Companion agency added that to give an accurate prediction about such bad weather (large hail), it is difficult, even in areas where there is a "Mountain".

South Kuzbass on Tuesday night suffered allegedly forecasters, from the largest in the region over the last 20 years of hail. Previously reported that the medical care with various injuries turned more than 20 people. The head of Kuzbass Aman Tuleyev appealed to the Minister of Natural Resources Sergei Donskoy and head Hydromet Alexander Frolov to punish employees Kemerovo Weather Service, who have passed a warning about a major city on the south of the area an hour after it began. In addition, Tuleyev ordered a commission to determine the damage and determined the compensation. Preliminary damage Mezhdurechensk hail, local authorities estimated to be worth around 100 million rubles.

Hydromet representative told RIA Novosti that the chiefs of the ministry has already begun testing of Kemerovo Weather Service in connection with the treatment of Governor.

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