SU-35 DOES NOT WARRANT PLA Air Force air superiority — Chinese Professor

 SU-35 DOES NOT WARRANT PLA Air Force air superiority - Chinese Professor
In his interview with Taiwan’s Central News Agency Canadian military analyst Andrew Chang (Andrei Chang) answered the question really whether buying Su-35 fighters in the interests of the PLA Air Force, reports February 16.

According to him, during the Singapore Airshow CEO Russian United Aircraft Company Misha Pogosyan said that Our homeland is unlikely to support China in its efforts again to copy the modern Russian fighters. Copying foreign fighter will not bring any significant progress in the development of the Chinese aviation industry, much less the Su-35 is not a new fighter. China itself should create a new fighter, Pogosyan said.

Even in the near decade of the Su-35 does not guarantee the advantages in the air for the Chinese Air Force, the doctor said the PLA Air Force Institute in an interview with the main daily newspaper army, controlled by the Communist Party. Currently, a similar presentation held by many «important figures» of the Chinese army, says Chang (also known as Pinkov). It is expected that China will buy 24 fighter engines together with «Saturn» AL-41F (117C).

Yet, the two sides have not yet have gained some agreement on the transfer of technology to China Su-35. Pogosyan said that the best would be more joint cooperation in the development of wide-body commercial aircraft, not fighters.

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