Submarine of the Northern Fleet sailors rescued a fishing vessel

November 18 submarine of the Northern Fleet came to the aid of the crew of the fishing vessel "Fishermen", en route to fishing on the Lee-nahamari — Teriberka.

Having been informed that in the Barents Sea, a civilian ship lost power and has a flow of sea water into the engine room, the crew of the nuclear submarine "Daniel of Moscow", to perform tasks in the Barents Sea on the plan of combat training and is in close proximity to the disaster area, has begun to the rescue operation.

Under adverse weather conditions — a strong, gusting to 15 m / s wind, sea state 3 points and poor visibility — submarine of the Northern Fleet took the crew on board the stricken vessel. After a while, "Fishing" sank affected by an incident there.



Sailors of the Northern Fleet is not the first time provide assistance in distress. In November 2011, a complex storm conditions in the Barents Sea rescue helicopter crew of naval aviation brought ashore injured sailor from the rescue refrigerator "Coast of Hope", and the crew of anti-IL-38 successfully conducted a rescue operation to search for the missing in the White Sea cargo ship "Captain Kuznetsov . " In April of this year, the Northern Fleet helicopter evacuated a sick sailor on board the commercial vessel M-0124 "Amethyst". In September, the crew of a rescue helicopter Ka-27 came to power in murmanchanin, fish at the lake near the village of Teriberka is urgently needed to deliver in a medical facility.



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