Submarine Severodvinsk will equip the new torpedoes Physics 1

"The site has procurement data announced by the Ministry of Defense of Russian state tender for the contract for maintenance of new 533-mm torpedo" Physics 1 "(item 2534), the development of" SRI morteplotehniki "and pereprigotovleniyu dummy torpedoes of this type during the test , including on the order of 160 — passing tests of a new multipurpose nuclear submarine "Severodvinsk" Project 885 ", — said in a statement in the military-analytical blog bmpd in the" Live Journal ".



"Thus, the results of these tests is planned to complete the adoption procedure torpedoes" Physics 1 "for service, with data torpedo must speak with one type of torpedo boats for Project 885 and its modifications", — the report says.


The total contract value of 96 million rubles. The contract must be completed by 25 November 2012.


From open sources, the development of a torpedo launched in RI "Morteplotehnika" back in 1986. Since 2007, it must be tested and adoption is scheduled for 2012.


Length torpedo 7.2 m, weight 2200 kg warhead at a mass of 300 kg. Thermal direct drive axial piston motor open loop DP4 capacity of 460 kW at monopropellant "Prony" has a rotating combustion chamber and gives a dash speed of 30 to 55 knots, with a range of 40-50 km and a depth range of up to 500 m ESA DP4 largely created with the use of the technical solutions of the American missile Mk.46.


The first prototype, called "Physics" has appeared in the USSR in 1990 and used the equivalent of U.S. monopropellant "Otto-2." For the targeting used active-passive sonar homing system with a system of identification of the wake with a range of responses CLO from 1.2 to 2.5 km and a range of responses proximity fuse from 2 to 8 feet, depending on the type and size of the target. You can remote control with a total cable length of approx. 30 km.


To reduce the noise floor is equipped with torpedo water jet and retractable rudders. The export version of the torpedo has the designation UGST. In the future, provided the use of forward-looking modification of the torpedo turbocharged open-circuit 19D 800 kW to the two-component fuel (kerosene and hydrazide T1) under the symbol "Physics-2" or "Physics-2000" (export name UGST-M). Due to the new ESA is expected to achieve a top speed of about 65 knots. In addition to these torpedoes, a regular ammunition, Project 885 is likely to be included as a universal electric torpedo USET-80km the previous generation (modifikkatsiya entered service in 1993).

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