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New terrible attack falls on humanity. Around the world, doctors fix unexplained deaths of young people in the prime of life between the ages of 18 and 30 years (maximum of deaths in this age range). Science for a long time known phenomenon of SIDS — Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Currently, however, doctors insist on the introduction of a new term — adult sudden death syndrome. Under such a phrase they mean the deaths of healthy people for no apparent reason. Death usually occurs during sleep as a result of sudden cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest. The autopsy did not show any pathological changes in the body, on the contrary, the deceased was healthy. Access Statistics gives a strong scatter in the data about the number of deaths, which indirectly indicates imposed on the information marked "Top Secret." Thus, according to one source in the world are victims of SHS four people in a week, or a little more than 200 tragedies in the year of sudden infant death syndrome. According to other reports in the UK alone each year die from SHS 3500.

Bauker Tim (Tim Bowker), an employee of Cardiology Foundation, and colleagues from the University of London (University of London), asked the coroner's findings on this "mysterious" deaths that occurred within four months.

According Baukera, structural changes of the heart in such cases were found, in connection with which there is reason to suspect that there are problems with electrical pulses, coordinating heartbeat. These pulses arise as a result of movement of ions in the cells of living tissue. Disorders such exchange can lead to a chaotic heart rhythm, and this in turn can terminate heart failure. However, it is set in the dead anymore. Moreover, said Bauker, it may be only the tip of the iceberg. Because of the lack of a clear diagnosis appreciate the true scale of the phenomenon is difficult.

This frightening "progress" must bother scientists and politicians. Certainly, the available statistics daunting, so to this phenomenon is not deliberately drawn public attention. Number of sudden and unexplained deaths of young people, those young people who do not suffer any illness, inexorably increasing worldwide.

As mentioned above, sudden death is due to electrical or metabolic abnormalities in cardiac muscle. Probably. However, it still does not explain anything, because it does not answer the main question — why stop bioelectric stimulation of the heart? Just imagining a crisp and clear mechanism occurring disorders and irreversible changes in the body may take any steps to neutralize another, who came to the house of trouble.

You can put forward several hypotheses to explain the occurrence of fatal processes in the body:

1. Chemistry.
We do not live in an iron, not atomic, and in the chemical century. Look around you — we are surrounded by almost one artificial materials, ranging from synthetic clothing, finishing with epoxy resin and phenol in the particleboard furniture consumer goods. With the exception of metals, however, and they are increasingly undergoing man-made changes and are replaced by a heavy-duty plastic. Such unnatural aggressive chemical environment can not affect the flow of biochemical processes at the cellular level. In this case, not to be confused banal poisoning environment (post-intoxication of individuals living in the environment), with subtle changes biochemistry. Just one moment neprekrasny vital reactions in the body a little bit (this "little" is enough) move in one direction or another and there comes a deadly "X hour."

2. Waves.
At about the same thing can be said about the electromagnetic environment on the planet. We just bathe in the ocean of electromagnetic radiation of different range — from very long distance communication waves and underwater nuclear cruisers to microwave pulses of powerful radars. For a long time the Earth has become the second power radio body of the solar system (the first, of course, our star). Superimposed on each other electromagnetic waves create a chaotic interference pattern with a pronounced energy minima and maxima. Man falls into such extremes and elektrobiofiziologiya fails.

3. Exotic.
Interesting hypothesis about the causes of sudden infant death syndrome expressed some Australian scientist. Although some experts call the idea implausible, he argues that the cause of death of infants is that he has a dream that they are in the womb. Since before the birth of oxygen passes through the umbilical cord, they "forget" to breathe and die. With some reservations, a similar mechanism may be extended to the adult human unit.

4. Ufology.
About the incident reported by the foreign press sparingly and some domestic media ("MK", the end of the 90s. Alas, the online newspaper archive does not extend deeper than 01.06.1998.). In the carriage with the Vandenberg Air Force Base in a secret underground vault collapsed and lost tightness magnetic container supreme protection, specially designed to carry deadly cargo. In the container was some artifact, the origin and purpose of which is unknown. Perhaps this information is available in the military, but the power will not reveal it. Freedom escaped the substance has the capacity to interact with aura (biofield) human bio-field and in this case acts as an energy donor. The average time of existence of the parasite in the body for about six months, further education field (reasonable or not — it is not clear) performs an act of reproduction by division and goes to two new body, certainly young and perfectly healthy. Distance to new donors does not matter. It was at this point comes the sudden death of the previous owner. There is a kind of uncontrolled chain reaction in an atomic bomb, but not immediate, but several extended in time. Ways to protect against such penetration does not exist, at least they are not known to modern science. Since the accident was attended by dozens of soldiers and all of them have been exposed to the substance, it is easy to count the number of latently infected people walking around to date on the planet, and when it's "the end of everything."

The Clinton administration then tried to hush up the incident (by the way, is a normal reaction), but left himself some loophole allowing strictly dosage information leakage. As in other similar cases, the "civilized society," said indifferent silence, once again demonstrating the reference sample of the strategic thinking of lower order.

The disaster is coming!

Dmitry Kuznetsov

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