Summing up the results and plans for 2013

February 11, 2013 In 2012, the enterprise work has concentrated on aviation and missile direction. To carry out orders under previously concluded projects: — In the framework of the "Sea Launch" in 2012 was made 3 successful start-up;

-implemented a supply main engine of the fourth stage of the launch vehicle "Vega";

— delivered 9 sets of landing gear to the aircraft AN-140, AN-148 and AN-158, of which: 3 sets of AN-140 passed the Samara aviation plant "Aviacor" 6 sets of AN-148 passed Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing Company (VACO);

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the action plan for the development of space activities and the production of space technology in 2013. The purpose of this order — the solution of urgent problems of the development of space activities in 2013, the continuation of the projects started in previous years, and the execution of the initial stages of the work provided for national targeted science and technology space program for 2013 — 2017.

Decree provides:

— the creation of geo-information system security and monitoring of emergency situations with the use of space-based information;
— launch 3 satellites (remote sensing of the Earth "Sich-2-1," Science and Technology "Mikrosat" and the university "UMC-1");
— creation of a space rocket complex "Cyclone-4" at the Alcantara Launch Center (Brazil) and support to the National Satellite Communications Systems "Lybyd";

— guaranteed the rapid provision of executive agencies that implement the state policy in the sphere of national security and defense, satellite communications services and data relay for timing and navigation software, and information dissemination of remote sensing satellites, the development of modern technologies of its special use;
— basic scientific space research in astrophysics, space biology and materials science, support the use of existing space infrastructure to the international scientific experiments, the implementation of scientific and educational programs;

— the creation of the modern space rocketry and technology of its manufacture;
— promotion of commercial operation of launch vehicles "Cyclone-4", "Zenith 2SLB", "Zenit-3SL ¡" ("Land Launch"), "Zenit-3SL" ("Sea Launch"), "Dnepr" and the National Satellite Communications System "Lybyd";
-development of international cooperation (with Russia, the EU, Brazil, Canada, Belarus, USA, Kazakhstan), the expansion of cooperation between Ukraine and the European Space Agency.

Approximate total amount of funding for the implementation of the Programme of 2.58 billion USD., Including the state budget — UAH 1.12 billion.

YUZHMASH Plans for 2013:

— Program "Sea Launch" scheduled 2 missile launch vehicle "Zenit-3SL";

— one scheduled launch rocket "Zenit-3SL ¡" by the "Ground Launch";

— the program "Dnepr" 3 launch is scheduled RN;

— year-end launch vehicle "Zenit-3SL ¡" planned appearance in the space orbit satellite "Lybyd" (Baikonur Cosmodrome);

— 2 will supply the basic construction of the first stage of the launch vehicle "Taurus-II" under contract with Orbital Science Corporation (USA);

— under contract GP "ON YuMZ them. A.M.Makarova "plans to supply the main engine of the fourth stage for the European launcher" Vega ";

— contracts for the manufacture of spacecraft "Mikrosat" and "Sich-2-1", which will be put into orbit in 2014 as part of the National Space Program of Ukraine;

— according to previous contracts, planned to supply customers with landing gear: AN-140 — 5 sets, the An-148 — 5 sets and An-158 — 3 sets (delivery of the 1st set of chassis AN-158 has been implemented Kiev Aviation Plant "Antonov" ).

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