Swine fever in Rostov region


Photo from: mordoviatv.ru

Rostov-on-Don. 11 August. INTERFAX.RU — Rostov regional veterinary laboratory confirmed the presence of African swine fever virus have died in the area Rodionovo-Nesvetayskom animals reported in the regional department for the prevention and elimination of emergencies.

Eighth and ninth of August in a remote area in Darevka Rodionova — Nesvetayskom area on a farm svinotovarnoy Ltd. "Rostov-World" recorded deaths of about 30 pigs, selected pathological material from dead pigs was sent to Rostov Regional Veterinary Laboratory, as the agency "Interfax-South" Thursday in obldepartamente prevention and emergency response.

To eliminate the effects of ASF brought rescuers Rostov regional search and rescue service.

Currently, measures are being taken for the organization of quarantine posts on the main roads, all the secondary roads leading to the site of infection, overlap, held their plowing. In addition, organized excavation for the disposal of products of burning dead animals.


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