Synevir Lake: The most mysterious attraction Carpathians shrouded in legend

August 9, 2012 11:16

Wooden statues on the far bank - figures Sini Vir and legends about the origin of the lake.  Lovers believe they bring good luck in marriage.  Photo by the author.

Wooden statues on the far bank — figures Sini Vir and legends about the origin of the lake. Lovers believe they bring good luck in marriage. Photo by the author.

This is the largest and most beautiful mountain lake in Carpathians. During its original form it had received another name — "Sea Eye". A bird's-eye lake looks like a bottomless blue eyes: clear water around — green thicket forests, and in the middle of the water surface — a small island.

989 meters above sea level

Local historians say that Synevir about 10,000 years. Located at an altitude of 989 meters above sea level. Its area — 5 acres, average depth — 10-12 meters, but here and there, and reaches 22 meters. Water temperature, even in summer does not rise above 11 degrees and no warm deeper than one meter. Swim here is strictly prohibited.

The lake is filled with numerous sources. Open-drain in the lake there, but there is a gap at the bottom — the natural water level regulator. Moreover, are so reliable that the old-timers do not remember that the lake once their banks or critical "down". Because of the crack at the bottom of this chaotic form whirlpools.

Entrance fee to the lake. At the checkpoint will have to pay 10 hryvnia per person and 25 Rs. — If you have a car. Near the lake you can camp at the camp. But not closer than 50 feet from the pond.

Lake — part of the national park, and if you're lucky, you can find deer, lynx, deer, bear, wolf, fox, ermine. And also to see about 90 species of plants listed in the Red Book of Ukraine.

In Sinevir found a lot of trout, but its harvest is prohibited. But you will not be hungry — enterprising locals can offer you personally cook something at stake in the short kolybe: fish, meat, or boiled crawfish. Meanwhile pamper you "opovidkami" about the legendary Vir and Xin.

Synevir Lake


There is at least two legends about the origin of the lake. The most common states that it was formed from the tears of the Count's daughter, Sin, who fell in love with a shepherd homeless Vir. Saving the reputation of the family, the old earl ordered to kill the guy, and obedient servants dropped on Vir huge stone. Beautiful Sin mourned death of a loved, holding hands boulder. According to legend, the stone still looks out of the water in the middle of the lake.

The second legend is also a "mezalyansnoy" love, but quite the opposite. It already Veer — the son of wealthy parents, and the beauty Xenia (Xin) — usual villager, polusirota. Relatives Veer is not as insidious and did not kill the girl, but still think it is not a pair of young men and forbidden to communicate. Xun died in childbirth. Died, and a newborn baby. Veer with grief ran off a cliff. A lake appeared after cursing widowed mother, who wishes to place the death of her daughter disappeared from the face of the earth. So it was under water.

Synevir Lake

And while in a relationship and Sini Vir happy ending did not happen, many of today's newlyweds feel fortunate to come to the lake and say the oath of allegiance near two wooden statues of lovers. To be together in spite of all the trials of life.

Another legend Sinevir born recently — after a visit filmmakers. A year ago, there were shooting the first Ukrainian horror film in 3D on psegolove, or, as they say, chupacabra. The film was removed and the left, but the locals say that the lake as if soaked cinematic energy — being there, you feel the presence of something otherworldly. Especially at night. By the way, something mysterious happens to the film itself: its premiere postponed more than once.

Synevir Lake


On the train to the station Volovets (it is on the line Kiev — Chop (Lviv — Mukachevo), and then continue in the direction of the village Mizhhiria by taxi or bus. Intermountain from the lake about 9 km. Walking, and you can become generous by taxi .

By car to drive on the highway Kiev — Uzhgorod up with. The lower gate, and then turn on the road Chernivtsi — Mizhhiria.

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