Take heart: we are waiting for the new September 11 — this time in the form of natural disasters

Paul Stockton, the Pentagon in charge of security in the U.S., making plans in the event of an apocalyptic disaster that may forever turn the lives of millions of Americans, tells Newsweek. Stockton, Assistant Secretary of Defense, calls them "complex disasters" and notes that they have a "cascade effect", including the socio-political, writes journalist Christopher Dickey.The models featured Stockton disaster that can kill tens of thousands, to undermine the economy, punch a huge hole in national security. "A terrorist, guilty of these atrocities will be Nature", — According to the publication.Stockton and other experts have no doubt: a disaster, more destructive than Hurricane "Katrina", there will be mandatory. Global warming and sea level rise is more powerful and wide hurricanes and more dangerous storm. If you believe Al Gore, some scientists want to add to the scale Saffir-Simpson Hurricane new, sixth category. By Category 5 hurricanes are now with wind speeds above 155 miles per hour. In the 6th will hurricanes when wind faster 175-180 miles per hour. Gore also said that this year, the U.S. has been 10 disasters, the damage from which exceeded $ 1 billion, and the Emergency Management Agency's annual budget is almost exhausted."The problem is not only that the juggernaut of nature became so powerful — the trouble is that the areas in the way disasters are densely populated," — says the article. "People are moving all the time in these mega cities, and they are located on the coasts," — says Madhu Berival of firm IEM, which studied the threat to New Orleans before "Katrina."There are even more dismal scenario than the recent earthquake in Japan, which caused a tsunami and nuclear accident, the newspaper notes. In winter 1811-1812, in the U.S. there was a series of north Memphis earthquakes. The Mississippi River flowed backward, banks began to fail, there are new lake. But the casualties were few, because back then it was a sparsely populated area. U.S. scientists calculated that if an earthquake of 7.7 points again today on the same site, will die or be injured up to 86 thousand people, direct damage to the economy is $ 300 billion, 15 nuclear power plants may be damaged. Need 42 thousand rescuers, and, therefore, will have to bring the troops. That is why Stockton intense interest potential natural disasters.September 11, Iraq and Afghanistan have given the Americans a wealth of experience of the emergency. Rescuers also served the military and intelligence ultramodern technology, the article says, but when it comes to flying drones over America, even to save the people, the critics probably questioned their necessity as wary of the "eyes, watching from heaven."Source: Newsweek

Source: planeta.moy.su.

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