Tayfunt Nanmadol rages in Philippines and intimidate Taiwan

Taiwan warned Ship be on the alert from Typhoon Nanmadol, AP reports. Element rage about 450 kilometers south of Taiwan and is accompanied winds 184 km / h. According to meteorologists, not directly Nanmadol hit ground Taiwan but it is expected that pass near East Coast Taiwan Monday and Tuesday. Forecasts predict heavy rain and winds in parts island. Friday typhoon started pass through Philippines and left Many cities under water. He hit City Gonzaga in the northern Philippine Province Cagayan, DPA. Now reported on two missing fishermen and two children died buried landslide at his home in SanFabian Pangasinan in the province, 250 km north of Manila, said Monday. In the province Cagayan and Isabela Province adjacent roads impassable, bridges flooded floodwater, have uprooted trees, electricity pole were cut and some cities in the current interrupted and telecommunications communication.Source: http://http://dariknews.bg/view_article.php?article_id=767460

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