Telepathy is possible: the scientist was able to convey his thoughts through the internet daughter

December 19, 2012 19:00

The phrase "a telepathic conversation" is associated in many people with fantastic films and works of this genre. However, scientists have proved that telepathic communication is possible: the Briton was able to convey his thoughts daughter.


Scientist Christopher James, attracted to experiment young daughter, said that made the first step to the development of technologies to transmit thoughts from the brain to the brain from a distance.

"I spoke with her daughter on a fairly basic level, but it is there without question. To convey the information to her brain, I needed the electrodes, which I posted on his and her head. I had to attach them to the skin, because my wife is not allowed to drill holes in the skull Daughter "- a kind of jokes James.

During the experiment, the sender provides a series of binary digits, imagining movements of the right hand to one, and left for 0. Electrodes caught radiation brain waves and send (via the Internet) the information on the recipient's computer.

A series of binary numbers passed svetodioidnymi outbreaks of different frequencies, depending on whether the number has been transferred — 1 or 0.

How long are seen light, the optical signal is instantly transmitted to the visual cortex of the brain responsible for processing visual information. Electrodes recorded the brain waves of the second study participant, and outputs the data to the computer to recognize a given number.

Processed information is displayed on the monitor screen. British scientist found the experiment a success — all the numbers have been recognized accurately.

"The research I have come to the conclusion that the human eye can not distinguish the different frequencies of flashes, but the visual cortex of the brain it can", — said Christopher James.

Scientists say that to obtain more significant results is necessary to implant electrodes in the human brain. "But I'm not likely to get permission for this operation from the government and the couple" — smiling Briton.

It should be noted that recently, researchers have developed a lens, which was built in LCD display. "On the basis of our invention, we can create a lens sunglasses just changing hue pixel", — the head of the project Jelle De Smet.
Anna Romantsev

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