Terrible secret dungeons Aksai

February 28, 2013 0:15

Residents of the Rostov region Aksai have superstitious terror, telling the secrets Aksay dungeons. Dungeons Aksai — labyrinth of underground tunnels and passages.

He was not built for decades and even centuries: people Kobyakov — ancestor of Aksai — first built the catacombs in religious purposes, and then to successive generations and generations maze grew and grew. At present, under the Aqsa Mosque, there are a maze of city-living their Latent life. In Aksay dungeons found a lot of anomalies that warily share with a visiting locals.

In Aksai Mezei is a local fortress "Customs outpost of the 17th century," and his keeper Vyacheslav Zaporozhtsev repeatedly witnessed paranormal phenomena occurring in the catacombs of Aksai. The most memorable episode of his life was and still is a meeting with a female ghost that made Vyacheslav Borisovich revise the materialistic view of life and think about the reality of paranormal phenomena occurring.

Night visitor

One day after the closing of the museum, Vyacheslav B. saw the light from the window of the basement of the museum, the fortress. I decided to go and check, as he turned off the light a couple of minutes ago, his own! Carefully unlocked the door, opened it, looked inside, and … the cat had come with Vyacheslav Borisovich hissed caved and arrow flew out of the basement. Before the keeper opened an unusual situation: a woman with her jet-black hair in a white dress with a wide skirt and elegant corset — dress of the 19th century — without uttering a sound, floated by. Besides, as he tried to cope with the keeper switch — light is not Gus. Stunned and bewildered and spent Vyacheslav B. lady look, and she had no qualms, went into the wall and disappeared, in addition, after the keeper ran in fear of the room, the lights went out on his own.

A few minutes later the keeper tried to analyze the situation: he personally turned off the lights, shut the door, the room was empty, and the results showed a woman, naughty switch and witnessed the unusual behavior of the cat. Keeper was not able to give yourself a reasonable explanation about the phenomenon. Moreover, Vyacheslav B. admitted that he first encounters with this particular in the basement of the museum, to the same curator often hears a strange knocking out walls. One explanation may give curator: moved into the basement of restless soul …

Treasures of the past generations

It is likely that the basement of the museum is not a place of residence ghost, he was free to come to the museum from the cellars of the Customs outpost at the opposite end of the city. Customs outpost also keeps a lot of secrets, it is located next to the hole that goes straight to the Don. It was in this river sent their last local wealthy travelers murderer Yefim Kolupaev. All these things are shrouded in mystery of the past years, as it was in the 60's of the 19th century, so for sure there is no data on the murderer. And the place where he buried the money travelers, which is missing for a decade …

In another version of a female ghost — chieftain's daughter! In the late 19th century in this area hunted gang of robbers, chieftain asked his daughter to look for treasure, and that, perhaps so imbued with the request of his father, and that after the death of his will. Nikolai Karpov — Rostov historian says that the granddaughter of the famous Cook's gang came to the district committee of the party in the 50's. By the time it needed help — old age is not a joy. She decided to exchange a secret treasure for the opportunity to live in a church home for the elderly.

But the Communists thought her crazy, and when enough — it was too late — the old woman died. Another one of the legends in the basement of the museum came keeper wine barrels a wealthy winemaker. Winery owner left the woman ghost guard cellar, where one of the barrels hidden jewels. This we know from the words of the winemaker, who passed from mouth to mouth. Recently barrels found in one of the town houses Aksai, but the owner does not allow to open these barrels. Yes they have a wine harvest in 1900, but here is a jewel — a question. The more wine factory owner went abroad, but did not return, so set the plausibility of the story can not.

Underground War

Could not avoid the dungeon Aksai and military. Even the Communists, after learning about the catacombs, we decided to build a bunker. It is next to the Customs Gate in Mukhina beams. Communists hoped to hide out there, if you suddenly break out nuclear war. Near the beam Mukhina conducted various military trials, witnesses say that the experiments and were accompanied by a deafening roar from the ground to the sky leaving a pillar of flame at 200 meters. The blast wave was so strong that it shifted the earth, resulting in failure of land in a residential area and underground proved to whole houses. According to witnesses on one trial were pokorezheny and spread to fifteen meters from the military machine incorrectly calculated force of the explosion.

Time passed, and the military come up with new ways of testing: a tunnel driven into a tank, covered him impossibly armored door and shoot projectiles from guns. Often punching the door shell hit the tank and passed through him, burning large holes. This technique, and have seen people Aksai when it took away from the city.
In that time, the city rumors on the catacombs of experiments on teleportation armor of Aksai in the suburbs. Location of the laboratory and has not been declassified, and rumors no one has confirmed. There is another option — armor is simply lost in the catacombs. However, this should not only be the catacombs, and an entire underground city that it could easily lose a rather big thing!
It is known for only one thing — why the military began using catacombs in Mukhina beams — it was safer. Previously hatched a plan to use underground tunnels Kobyakov settlement, but the events led to a review decision. Once the missing soldier, and a search party sent inland towns, suffered a loss — lost two more soldiers.

And the first soldier and the other two still found, but only what is left of them. Their bodies have been divided in two, and the line of the cut was so clean that it seemed to have used a giant razor. Radio soldiers also came under this razor cut was so neat that there was not a single crack.

For information on the events of the war was classified, so as not to raise a panic, but the information came to light as a result of the death investigator Oleg Burlakov catacombs. He was also killed, he was cut by half, but the lower part was left intact, but from the top of the left only the bones.

This information is interested in visiting the Diggers, who decided to take a walk on the cave, taking just in case the dog. However, they ended up in a trap: after a few hundred meters deep, diggers noticed that behind them a few steps walls came together, and after a few seconds, and then dispersed. Apparently the mechanism was so ancient that it is not time to work on time, making it possible to avoid the risk of diggers. Dog accompanying Diggers whined and tore off the leash has claimed back through the maze … On the way back diggers decided to bypass the ill-fated place, but this time they hit the trap, a hole behind them, and then took the floor original position.

What secrets hide Kobyakov settlement? After all, for them, people have to pay the life, and no one had to get out of this labyrinth, fall into the trap!

Underground dragon

Aksay residents say that their ancestors lived in Kobyakovskom settlement, human sacrifices no one dragon, which crawled out of the ground and eat people. This image is very often seen in the annals of folk tales, among the monuments of architecture, archeology.

But the legend of the dragon lives and to this day, because only a few decades ago, during the collapse of the floor of the local cannery workers witnessed the horrific pictures: see the bottom of a huge body, quickly emerged and disappeared in the failure, there was a devilish growl, dogs present at search manhole — jumped up and ran headlong tails between their legs off, workers also looked dumbfounded, could not recover. This pass is walled, but the dog decided to go back to this place after only a week.

These became the basis of eyewitness testimony extension theory that the dragon is not crawled out of the ground, and out of the water. After all testimony exploration at depth under Aqsa 40-meter is a lake at a depth of 250 meters of the sea. Groundwater is another form of the Don River, the Don is a funnel that draws all objects caught in the strong current of the river. So far they can not find trailers and cars that got in with the old Don Aksai bridge. Divers who examined the bottom of Lake stated that the funnel draws objects with great force, even steel Tethers stretched to the limit.

Of these moves are also shown balls UFO. An interesting hypothesis of their existence was proposed by Andrei Olhovatovym, scientific experts of the Association "Ecology of the unknown." According to him, the UFO — is ball lightning, which are the product of tectonic processes, respectively, should be called NGOs — unidentified underground facilities.
According to witnesses a UFO appeared over the city quite often, they seem emerges from the ground, up in the air and then dive into the ground.

Once the city floated translucent UFO and humanoid figures were seen. One UFO blinded sleeping Aksai rays of light when the rays reached the warships on the banks of the Don, the military attempted to attack the night guest and fired him from the guns, but no visible result to no avail. UFO disappeared from the scene and dove into the ground somewhere. Another case described by many witnesses: three spherical UFOs spinning in the skies of the old bridge Aksay. Outgoing light was so bright that interfere with the movement began on the freeway, dozens of drivers fascinated watching the spectacle. Arriving police patrol could not move from the place drivers, had to call for backup from Aksai. UFO disappeared.

However, eyewitnesses say that tectonic origin in the case of UFOs is no longer translucent, as humanoid figures can not be inside a ball of lightning!

Advanced tectonic theory can still explain Aksay terrible accident. Dancing the walls of the catacombs could be the result of a small earthquake, but then the diggers would have noted this fact in his records. The roar of the underground "Nessie" can be explained by the tectonic rumble of magma, but in this situation it is likely that a new volcano will soon appear on the site Aksai or an explosion, as the ground water will find their way to the hot magma, evaporate, will create an unprecedented flow of steam that might do a lot of "abnormal" cases. That's just a question — if this is so, and there is an underground volcano — how he gets along with an underground lake, has long had to take off … The question arises: what is worse — to recognize the existence of paranormal phenomena, or to trust the testimony of geologists and believe in the existence of an underground volcano?

However, there is still unexplained phenomenon: the emergence of a female ghost, severed in half, researchers catacombs. However, it is safe to say one thing: to travel to dangerous mazes even seasoned researchers of paranormal phenomena, the owners of these dungeons — whether it is a volcano, or ghosts — will have a "warm" welcome to anyone who gets inside.

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