That predicted the winner of the Battle of psychics Vitaly Gibert about the end of the world in 2012?

January 12, 2012 2:59

Psychic Battle winner Vitaly Gibert

Vitaly Gibert end of the world told in the summer of 2011. Winner 11 season of the popular show "Psychic Battle" is one of the best esoteric our time.
In addition to deep practical experience, Gibert has extensive knowledge in the field of Islamic and Jewish mysticism. As for information about the end of the world, then it, as well as other information received from Vitaly Gibert cover him Higher Powers. What is this higher power, the mystic does not tell, but strongly suggests something absolute and universal.

So what exactly said Vitaly Gibert end of the world, which he believes will happen in 2012?

Apocalypse 2012 will not happen for everyone. Only those who successfully pass the transformation of consciousness, will take its extension — will survive. Others — will die. The very end of the world in 2012 — is nothing less than a quantum leap, the transition to a new life in the 4th dimension.

In the fourth dimension people will increasingly perceive the world. Now we perceive only the physical (ie, 3-dimensional), its model. With the move to a new level of consciousness, people will begin to see the other creatures that already live in the next dimension. This ghost, ghosts, and other entities that can be seen only in an altered state of consciousness.

As for the loss of life, the mind that is not ready to expand, it will be simply inevitable. Catastrophes and disasters with massive loss of participation, so this is how the Earth will be cleared. But then (after 2013) comes a more harmonious future. People will be much better understanding of each other as realize that they are in fact there is a single unit. Telepathy will replace current provider, only contacts will be more subtle and deep odnovrmenno. This new vibration, they will open to us the possibility that up to a point were not available.

Any specific forecasts for Russia esoteric yet did not do, but Vitaly Gibert end of the world is clearly not all told.

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