The accident happened at the Leningrad NPP


10.10.11.Vybros hot slag occurred in the enterprise "Ecomet-S" in the Leningrad nuclear power plant worker received serious burns, said on Monday the chief engineer "Ecomet-S" Sergey Zaritovskiy.

Release of hot slag occurred the evening of 7 October. As a result, injured worker, who at that time was near. Urgent call came for physicians get the wounded to the burn center at the Emergency Care named Janelidze in St. Petersburg.

As explained Sergey Zaritovskiy, estimated physicians life of a "Ecomet-S" is currently out of danger. To restore him to need two or three months.

After PE process technology in the enterprise has been suspended, reports "BaltInfo."

"Ecomet-S" is a private industrial complex and is engaged in processing of metal radioactive waste SELA and other businesses. According Zaritovskiy, the company has already visited all the necessary supervisory committee.

Monday, October 10, the process re-launched and is in accordance with the staffing.

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