The aliens have set up your transmitter Zhiguli Mountains

September 17, 2012 14:23

The word "Lada" we associate with the brand of machines. Supporters of the paranormal sure it's really the machine, not the notorious automotive products, and giant geomashina created for the spatial relation of the Worlds
These places are famous for special mirages, glowing fiery object and UFOs — they are, according to ufologists, here there is ten times more often than anywhere else. Hoping to meet the unknown correspondent "AIF" went on an expedition to the mysterious places of the Samara region.
The windows in the sky
Window of the apartment where he lives Oleg Warriors, come out exactly on the Zhiguli Mountains. Chain of clearly visible beyond the Volga. We are standing on the balcony which Warrior from time to time, armed with optical instruments, turns into an observation post. And he, local history and vice president of the research group "Avesta", talks about what he saw here the night of 26 June 1989. And that is still standing in front of him: "The day was a heavy downpour, I ran to my friend Igor. The rain has ended, over Zhiguli was dense mass black and purple clouds. And then we see the clouds part stopped, and the other went on. In the clouds opened a "window" almost correct square hole.

And in it — a fantastic landscape: flat on the sea, the Cape … The picture was kept for 15 minutes. Then he climbed the hill with some black spots and began to approach. We have seen that this is not the point, but here are the diamonds with indented — Warrior takes a pencil and draw. — At this point, the clouds began to move, and the picture of "imploded." While we are watching her, I remembered: where is my camera? And it was all over, I look — it on the fridge, right behind my back! "Explains Oleg optical phenomenon that due to high energy saturation occurred some time-space puncture. And observers saw the terrain of another world. The fact that it was not an earthly landscape, it is absolutely certain.
These "windows" on the fly open zhigulevskogo mountains regularly. First mentioned in the tenth century, when you've been here the Arab traveler and chronicler Ibn Fadlan. He concluded that the local population pattern in the sky, first, commonplace, and secondly, it considers them as a manifestation of the spirit world. Dutch traveler Cornelius de Bruin own eyes watched mirage May 12, 1703, when sailed past Samara. Reports hanging over the river mysterious objects — the cities, castles — can be found in the writer-ethnographer AF Leopoldt, who lived in the nineteenth century. "There are mirages air, they are visible in the sky, and there are sub-surface — continues Oleg Warrior. — Fishermen often told: see how the Volga moving huge wave. Begin to cut the anchor, in a panic to swim to shore — and the wave passes through them though. And more is coming. "
Oleg and Igor P. Warrior, who heads the group of "Avesta", compiled a list of the most popular mirages. Among them — the ghost of a brick church on the island greens, where the church, by the way, never had. Tower Green Moon — it is referred to in local folklore. But most of all — and in the old tradition, and to contemporaries — mentioned the city, similar to the classic medieval fortress with stone wall and square towers. He came up with the name — Peaceful City. Sometimes, people who choose to "go" in this mirage, going missing.
Base aliens?
The map shows that the array Lada Volga encircles clockwise. This section of the river, Samara Bend, is almost a closed loop, and the researchers compare it with the electromagnetic circuit. So, in the center of the loop, the "core", the appearance of a field, though unknown to us of nature. "Experts on further means of electronic communication will confirm the location of channels of the Volga and its tributaries is similar to a transceiver device, — says Oleg Warrior. — We believe that the hundreds of millions of years ago on the territory of present Samara Bend dropped large celestial body. After it hit up Zhiguli Mountains, and the Volga, changing direction, was wrapped around them. By the way, the meteorite "brought" here a lot of minerals, including rare earth metals. So, this generates a bunch geomashina force fields — electromagnetic, gravitational, biological and others, we have not yet known. And if some advanced extraterrestrial civilization want to equip our planet with the base transceiver, the best place she could not find it. " There are in the depths of the Samara Bend base aliens or not, has not yet been set. But it was the release of energy accumulated geomashinoy "Lada", the researchers explain those anomalies that are regularly seen. In search of anomalies in the early sunny morning, we went to one of the most mysterious places of the Samara region.

Where Tokhtamysh boom?

"Look, what a flat wall, like a knife cut, — Oleg Warrior shows the elevation, which drives up our car. — According to our hypothesis, this hill — man-made, it's headquarters Tokhtamysh Khan's Golden Horde. " Where exactly is the battle took place, historians still argue. "But local legend says that the Tokhtamysh was" big magic arrow ", — says Igor P., president of the" Avesta ". — Samara local historian Victor Pylyavsky air made a series of pictures. Then we ordered a shot from space. Imagine our surprise when we saw that the contours of the hill on which you and I are right now, similar to the shape of an arrowhead! "

His first research expedition to this hill was not without mystery. The impression is that from time to time here, someone "off the light": around abruptly darkens, and the usual mode of illumination returned only a few minutes. The second effect is seen in the region arrows Tokhtamysh researchers call the word "mocking". "Usually, the group has two or three radios to share information in the search, — says Oleg Warrior. — Here they fail under: a phrase that you say, suddenly begins to repeat itself and accelerate until it turns into a cacophony. Communicators say, it seems that someone would record the audio and then play it back with distortions. Why? There is a theory that deep in the base of the hill is the alien. "
Our radios, oddly enough, is working properly. However, there is something surprising. Warrior brought with him from home dosimeter — measure radiation levels. On the eve of the unit immediately, found in fresh batteries. But on the hill the unit refused to work.

But locals anomalies have not surprising. "The Volga people have their beliefs, remaining from ancient times. For example, in the terrible deity Keremet: it is the people in the form of a glowing ball of fire or a snake with its tail "- says Lydia Lyuboslavova, a senior fellow Togliatti museum. I confess, no mysterious objects in the sky, I myself did not get to see. Although, as it turned out, I did not look around too closely. Already arrived in Moscow undertook to study photography and found: a story about a mystical warrior of Oleg Strela Tokhtamysh and on the basis of the aliens, which may have settled in the belly of the hill, I heard not one (see photo above). Maybe it was Keremet? Physicists have something to ponder.

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