The amazing lost city of Atlantis …

All people are arguing about whether Atlantis really is. The existence of Atlantis — a myth or reality? Suggest to try solve this mystery … Maybe people will learn it sometime after the science prove or disprove.

Plato first described the story of Atlantis. Own books he wrote in the form of a fascinating dialogue. In the story, dedicated to Atlantis, a man named Critias. It is he who tells the amazing story of the readers, which has existed for a long time in the same family. Poseidon was able to found an unusual city, which is called Atlantis. If you are more interested in reliable auto parts store Hyundai, a Hyundai auto parts store can be found at

The city could be seen only by those who are lucky. Within the city walls were located, canals and fountains. Outside of Atlantis were hot as well as cold water fountains, a system used to irrigate farms. The most famous attraction was the ancient temple, which was located on a hill in the central part. It is in the heart of Atlantis could see a large statue of Poseidon, who was riding in a chariot of winged horses. All residents praised Poseidon.

Ignatius Donnelly in 1800, the first thought that Atlantis really existed. He was confident that the city ceased to exist because of a natural disaster. In 1882 he published the book "Atlantis, flooding the world." Since then, the idea arose that the city is located in the central part of the Atlantic Ocean.

To date, it is proved that the sunken city could not settle down in the middle of the Atlantic. This can be explained by the fact that at the bottom of the ocean a lot of sedimentary layers, so the city could not be fully covered.

K.T.Frost, a history professor, I'm sure that Atlandita located near the place mentioned by Plato. K.T.Frost sure that Atlantis belonged to the Minoan civilization, which was located on the island of Crete, which was the center of the empire, had a powerful navy and was advanced civilization. Perhaps Atlantis — is the Minoan empire?

The mystery will be revealed only by scientists, who are sure to find prove or disprove the existence of a sunken city …

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