The amount of damage the world economy from the disaster rose to $ 20 billion

The total damage caused by the 2011 global economic natural and man-made disasters, totaled $ 370 billion. It is stated in the official press release of Swiss Swiss Re, one of the largest companies in the reinsurance market.

In December last year, Swiss Re estimated the loss of the world economy as a result of accidents in the $ 350 billion. Even then, the company noted that this figure was a record in history. For comparison, in 2010, the total costs of disasters, according to Swiss Re, reached 226 billion dollars.

The volume of insured losses for last year amounted to 116 billion dollars. In December, the Swiss insurer estimated the figure at 108 billion. In 2010, insurers paid to victims of natural disasters was lower by almost two and a half times — $ 48 billion.

The main damage to the economy of the world (57 percent of total losses) caused the earthquake and tsunami in early March 2011 in Japan. Flooding in Thailand in the second half of 2011 led to the largest ever insured losses — at $ 12 billion.

March 28 the British insurance company Lloyd `s of London announced the biggest loss of all time companies who have made 516 million pounds (619 million euros). For comparison, in 2010 the company earned a profit of 2.2 billion pounds. In the Lloyd `s of London noted that last year was a record number of disasters and the damage caused to the insurance industry — reports


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