The ancient Egyptians had predicted the events in 2012 in the Book of the Dead

September 9, 2012 13:44

Today, many argue, the ancient Egyptians had predicted global events in 2012 or not, because of their civilization has reached a certain height in astronomy and mathematics. Similar issues arise in connection with certain similarities in the cultures of ancient Sumer and Egypt.

The ancient Egyptians had predicted the events in 2012 in the Book of the Dead

Many researchers are looking in vain synchronization prophecies, the same features in the calculations were seen between the Sumerian and Mayan civilizations. With this analogy Egyptians also referred to the forthcoming catastrophes, and they declared 9792 BC as of the first date of such events. However, rigorous evidence that a global catastrophe occurred during this year, no.

Today, there are two Egyptian books, one way or another related to the impending catastrophe-linked 2012. First, without a doubt, the famous Book of the Dead, the second — the so-called a Kolbrin Bible. Egyptians were experts in astronomy. Over the centuries, the priests and astronomers of ancient Egypt took a direct part in the detailed study of the stars, trying to make forecasts for the future.

What was the reason for the Egyptians associate memorable tragic events of 9792 BC with the coming 2012? It turned out pretty simple: since the memorable time Venus will pass through the constellation of Orion. It's an event so rare that only occurs once every 11,804 years, and the next time it is going to happen in 2012! Orion itself was of great importance to the ancient Egyptians, as was the epitome of the chief god Osiris in the sky, which was also the god of the underworld in ancient Egypt.

The ancient inhabitants of the Nile valley wrote two sunrises and two sunsets on that memorable date in the year 9792. In normal rotation of the Earth this is not possible, but modern scholars argue about the theoretical possibility of such a phenomenon as a result of a sharp change of the poles. If this happens, then, perhaps, we should agree with many scientists, who claim that the Flood occurred about 10-11 thousand years ago, for the change of poles certainly would have led to such catastrophic consequences.

Egyptian estimates and projections for 2012 are very similar to descriptions of the events of 9792 BC In the Book of the Dead Chapter 17 tells in great detail about the Time of Troubles, with detailed descriptions of celestial movements, including changes in Earth's orbit. Just how accurate are these astronomical events? Modern scholars have seen the exact positions of Orion and Aldebaran in 2012, in absolute accordance with the provisions of the same constellations in 9792 BC Could it be a coincidence, or the methods of astronomical research of the ancient Egyptians did not inferior to modern, and perhaps even surpass them?

If the prophecies of the ancient Egyptians about the events of 2012 come true, we should be pretty thoroughly prepare for them. Most people with a smile, accept such evidence of the past. We do not make a big mistake in this, which may be worth in the future, too expensive? Time will tell …

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