The Bermuda Triangle

Called the Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean, which, according to many, there are strange disappearance of ships and aircraft.

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This area is extremely difficult to navigate, it has many shoals and it often originate cyclones and storms. There are a lot of mysterious disappearances in the area, but one of the most notorious is the disappearance of the bomber squadrons of the "Avenger." 12/05/1945, they flew on a mission and did not return in the same aircraft wreckage were found.

According to data provided by the U.S. Air Force in the squadron consisted of 15 experienced pilots during flight weather was clear and the sea calm. During fading Force Base received strange radio messages about failures in the system navigation and unusual visual effects. Their quest was sent to other aircraft, one of which also disappeared without a trace.

However, this story has a more logical explanation. According to the American journalist, the squadron consisted of inexperienced pilots who were not familiar with the area of the flight. After they lost a landmark, they were incorrectly identified the location and thus advance the wrong course. After a long flight, they have not been able to determine their location, by which time it was already dark, and the fuel in the tanks is almost gone. They crashed into the ocean and disappeared under the water.

On their quest, not knowing the exact area were sent light aircraft, while the American aircraft had many flaws, one of them was the fact that gasoline fumes penetrated the cockpit and for the explosion, at times, it was enough even the smallest spark. The fact that one of the search planes did not return from a mission, confirm the words of the pilot of another aircraft, which told how he saw the explosion and the falling wreckage.

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