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They say scientists conducted a genetic analysis of the tissue, which was wrapped Kyshtym dwarf Alexis ("AIF" written about him). And the analysis showed that it is premature human infant, and not an alien. Why is it mummified and not decayed? And what of those analyzes, which were carried out before? They're showing the difference between this being a man of many external features? Maybe the scientists decided to shut up the "mystery humanoid"?
C. and to have l and h, Perm

At the Institute of General Genetics, Russian Academy of Sciences, where the pieces of fabric, the issue of concealing secrets caused a smile. "We — the scientists and operate scientific data, — the laboratory of radiation genetics. — From the blood stains on a piece of tissue was isolated human DNA. And found that this DNA prematurely born infant with multiple developmental disabilities. In the blood, were found only female X chromosome, so it was a girl. "

Prior to that, three attempts were made genetic analysis Kyshtymskoye dwarf. In all these experiments a sample of human genes have been discovered. However, this does not mean that scientists have been dealing with an alien being. Just needed a more thorough analysis, and that it was held.

Does this mean that the "case Alexis" can put a full stop?

"Not at all. One of the questions that need answering, just for the mummification of the body. Eyewitnesses claimed that the smell of a dead body "is not moldy stuff, and plastic," — says the coordinator of the association "Kosmopoisk" Vadim Chernobrov, who conducted the study in Kishtim and the finder of cloth, which was wrapped humanoid. — Unexplained are amazing (no other way to tell) the differences in body structure dwarf, no navel, genitals, excretory organs, ears, and thus have a complete set of teeth, bud-shaped skull. It is these nuances let the local pathologist concluded that to him, "man is a creature unknown to science." How could a premature infant to be born without a navel and live for a few weeks — that in itself is worthy to continue the study. "

AIF 20.2004

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