The cause of the plague of fish in western Canada could be a salmon anemia

Representatives of the Canadian Food Control (CFIA), the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and British Columbia reported that the re-examination of samples of fish from the Pacific coast did not reveal any trace of dangerous infection salmon anemia earlier which caused mass death of fish in fish farms in Chile and several other places. However, the government acknowledged that the results of some tests look unconvincing.

Defenders of Wild Salmon fear that the spread of infection from the west of the country of importation of Atlantic salmon species can destroy the natural fish populations in the vicinity of fish farms in British Columbia and Washington State. From wild fish populations is highly dependent fisheries in these regions of Canada and the United States.

Last month, a professor at Simon Fraser University, a renowned expert in the field of fish biology, said the study samples of wild salmon, conducted in a laboratory on Prince Edward Island, tested positive for the dangerous disease of fish. This post has provoked a strong reaction. Organizations for the protection of fish, biologists and fishermen have called for a more thorough investigation because the new infection can jeopardize the entire industry west coast.

Canadian authorities insist that the most likely samples from the study are reported on the possibility of infection, were spoiled.

Participated in the collection and study of multiple samples defender salmon biologist Alexandra Morton (Alexandra Morton) said in this regard:

— We just do not understand how in this situation the government can say that everything is in order.

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