The consequences of the heat in South Korea

The prolonged heat wave in South Korea reflected both humans and animals. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, from the end of July 2012 on the farms of the country from abnormally high temperatures in some places exceeding +33 ° C, killed 786,512 chickens, 40,780 ducks and 3,000 quails and 336 pigs.

Heat proved fatal for the seven people in the country, mostly elderly Koreans who worked in the fields or in greenhouses in the July heat. The Ministry of Health reports that dozens of people feel unwell and were in critical condition, as for 12 days in South Korea, the day temperature did not fall below +35 ° C.
This heat has caused massive growth of algae in water bodies. In stores skyrocketed sales levels of fans and air conditioners. The consumption of electricity increased so much that the state energy company said the reduction of the critical resources. Inhabitants of the country call for more economic use of the resource.
Fortunately, the weather service are sure that the heat will subside by the end of the week, when the midday temperature dropped to 30 degrees.


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