The conspiracy of silence around the UFO

Russian cosmonaut going to break the conspiracy of silence around the UFO

Russian cosmonaut Vladimir Kovalenok, who spent 217 days aboard the orbiting space station "Salyut" in the period between 1977 and 1982, claims that the flight did not see one UFO. He condemned the attitude of his colleagues astronauts who continue to remain silent about his encounters with objects of extraterrestrial origin.

According to him, he not only repeatedly watched the unidentified flying objects, but even saw one of them exploded.

Being currently president of the Association of Russian cosmonauts, a 62-year-old Kovalenok expressed surprise that a conspiracy of silence that surrounds UFOs other space scientists.

"I do not understand the other astronauts who claim they did not see anything unusual in orbit", — he said, adding that he personally observed many UFOs of various shapes and sizes. "

"I never forget a strange object at which we observed in 1981. He was small. When I saw him, he called his colleague Victor Savin, who managed to grab his camera to the eyepiece. But when Savinyh ready to shoot, the object exploded from him was only a cloud of smoke. We immediately contacted the Mission Control Center and reported our observations. We do not know what happened that day, but most definitely the object was not a figment of my imagination, "- he said.

Later, from the MCC reported that on that day in space is really something strange happened. "After the return to Earth of the experts have confirmed that detected an unusually high release of radiation just at the moment of explosion UFO", — he said.

Kovalenok before talking about his observations in space. Now he again urged his colleagues not to hide their own experiences with UFOs.

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