The counseling sessions at the conference on climate change has been a shift

The Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, Christiana Figueres said today at the conference on climate change, held in Durban, in consultations on adaptation issues positive shift occurred. It is expected that in the near future results will be achieved, she said.

K. Figueres said at a press conference that currently the conference formed six working groups, which are improving the project to assist developing countries in building capacity to adapt, and soon will be received "strong and positive results." According to her, these adaptation issues are particularly important for developing countries, and particularly for African countries.

They are related to the way humanity in that climate change has already led to a variety of climatic disasters and adapt to this environment, reduce the damage from them and will continue to evolve. In the face of disasters caused by climate change, developing countries and especially African countries have low capacity to deal with them, to respond to them and the relief efforts. Therefore, at a conference in Durban, they have repeatedly emphasized the importance of adaptation problems.Source:

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