The dangers of female alcoholism

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In every country and in every age women drink less than men. In Muslim countries, the fair sex is completely forbidden to use alcohol. And although today lead by number of chronic alcoholics remains of men drinking women every year it becomes more and more. This trend is not unique to Russia, but also in many European countries. In the U.S., drinking girls high school age as much as their peers of the opposite sex.

Regardless of the reasons for this fact remains — today a quarter of Russian women drink. While appearing in this connection, the term "female alcoholism is" unlikely to be correct (we do not say "women's ulcer"), the flow of alcoholism in women has its negative sides.

First, this is because the body of water is 10% less than in men. Because of this, the concentration of ethanol in the blood above. And in the premenstrual period absorption of alcohol from the stomach rises considerably. Secondly, the activity of enzymes responsible for cleansing the body of alcohol, lower than that of men. A milder withdrawal symptoms gives a false impression that nothing bad will happen. In fact, alcohol causes in women is terrible and almost always irreversible.

Let's start with the most obvious — with the appearance. Alcohol long before the term starts in the body of the aging process. It starts with the destruction of the teeth, the hair turns gray and falls out, his face turning red with purple spots, covered with deep wrinkles. Due to a hormonal imbalance in the legs, chest, back and buttocks are starting to grow hair on his face — his mustache and beard. Disappears layer of subcutaneous fat. And a woman's body loses its gracefulness and plasticity, the figure is angular, bony, "male". Is that the way to look woman? In the meantime, we all occasionally see them in the courts or at the beer tents.


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For external unattractiveness are always very serious problems with internal organs. Alcohol a negative impact on all systems is the female body, as in men. However, unlike the past, women have absolutely defenseless before the influence of alcohol nervous system. Therefore, the fair sex is much more likely than men to become patients of psychiatric hospitals.

Against the background of long-term alcohol consumption in women hormonal balance is disturbed. According to the research, 90% of drinking women sex glands cease to function, reduced libido and gradually develops frigidity. Promiscuity lead to various infections and sexual diseases.

The most devastating alcohol has just on women reproductive system, namely, the ability to have a child. Of course, alcohol equally negative impact on women, and male sex cells. But the fact is that the male cells are updated every 1.5 — 2 months, and women are not updated ever. They are formed on the fifth month of fetal development, and then only to die, but not updated and restored.

Nature seriously work on the protection of these cells from any kind of destructive, toxic effects. Ethyl alcohol is one of the few poisons that can penetrate the barrier. And the damage from all the drunk glasses of wine, bottle of beer is added. Alcohol does not kill the female sex cells, it causes them to mutate. "Moderate" drinking on holidays and sometimes on weekends for two — three years increases the chance to give birth to a sick baby girl 7 times. Chronic alcoholism — 70 times.

Deviations can be very different: from barely noticeable lack of attention to mental and physical malformations incompatible with life. Parents often tell us that they drank before the birth of the child and even the time of conception, and the child was born normal. Here is how you can find out how their child could be drunk without their ethanol? It is possible that the mother indulging in alcohol on numerous holidays, took away some of the kid his talent, the ability to stand out and to realize themselves and doomed for life to be just normal.

If you have any questions or problems related to alcohol use, you can also consult the clinic "Alkomed" by calling (495) 925-05-64.

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