The Day the Earth turns: solve the mystery magntnogo field of the planet

August 31, 2011LONDONEarthquakes, explosions and observations of Earth ever-changing magnetic field are helping scientists open a new window, in the heart of the planet. The magnetic field also acts as a protective barrier between us and some of the dangers of space, protecting us from radiation in the solar wind. Earth's magnetic field has been steadily weakening over 180 years. And there is one patch that is weakening faster than any other. This is an area scientists dubbed "South Atlantic Anomaly"Which is located over the South Atlantic and in the center of South America. This is a known hazard to the spacecraft, because it creates a dip in the field, allowing charged particles in orbit satellites and push the electronics and instrumentation. But the fact that some scientists suspect is it could be much more than an inconvenience to satellite operators — it may be the first sign of the profound changes in the Earth's magnetic field. When the researchers compared the Earth's magnetic field to the level of the outer-core, they found that in the South Atlantic Anomaly simple north-south "divide we know at the surface was broken. There are patches where the field is actually flipped and is north, not south. Using the analogy of its weather, Lathrop believes "especially cruel or unusual patch of weather" in the molten metal outer core is responsible for the back area. If these corrections will continue to deepen and spread, all that earth's magnetic field may reach a critical point, and a flip, he said. This is not something that will happen overnight — it can take thousands of years the period during which the field would be very embarrassed. The magnetic poles can wander to the equator for example, and take a spectacular Northern Lights. It would not be out of character — change kernel threads were canceled hundreds of times Earth's field. "It does not matter if the earth will reverse the magnetic field, but when, says Lathrop. Precisely when this may be, it remains one of the main many secrets. But after centuries of speculation, scientists are finally beginning to understand this great miracle 6000-lying under our feet. —BLOG BLOG

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