The death of a bison reserve of corrupt mandarins unlikely

The reason for the deaths of two bison in Oka-Terrace reserve the Moscow region will be set by an independent laboratory in a month, but now experts have expressed doubt that the animals could have died from poisoning spoiled fruits and vegetables.

In early January, in Oka-Terrace Biosphere fell two bison — sire named Shponti and one of the females. The cause of their death, some media calls poisoning corrupt mandarins and tomatoes, nitrates which could be exceeded. According to the media, the reserve brought two Kamaz these fruits and vegetables.

"Achieve death by a single large ruminant feeding mandarin and / or tomatoes, even if they are not very fresh, almost impossible. Should also remember that the daily intake of food rich in bison or, for example, a cow is 50-60 kg," — RIA Novosti Chairman to study bison and musk ox in the Russian Academy of Sciences Taras Sipko.

The expert pointed out that if the food was toxic to the bison, the dead animals would have been greater, as the same feeder enjoys several animals. In this case of indigestion first began to suffer young.

The administration of the reserve, in turn, said that the dead tissue bison were sent to an independent laboratory, and the results of the study will be announced next month. As for the female buffalo, then, according to the administration of the reserve, it was a natural death of old animal.

Bison — the largest terrestrial mammal in Europe — is in the Red Book of Russia as a species threatened with extinction. Extermination of bison began in ancient times, and by the end of the 18th century they were preserved only in Russia. However, World War I and the Civil War led to the complete destruction volnozhivuschih bison in Russia. Conducted in 1926, the first international census of these animals revealed that only 52 bison survived that were in various zoos. Then the work began to restore the population, so at the end of the 1940s in Russia were two zubropitomnika — in the Oka and Oka-Terrasny reserves.

Currently, the Earth is home to about eight thousand bison. Half of them are found in zoos and menageries, these animals are scattered around the world in small groups of 1-3 heads.

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