The death of the Earth! As far as it is close? …

Astronomers on the example of the planets from the system KIC 05807616 saw that awaits our planet in the future?Astronomer managed to find two astronomical object in the form of planets, which have suffered from a star, which later evolved into a red giant. This star could completely destroy this planet, but the relatively large size of saved them from certain death. A similar fate awaits the Earth after when our star will become a red giant. In this case, the Earth will die — because of its small size, it will burn to the ground. Scorched planet discovered «Kepler» — NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. He managed to get a signal light from the star KIC 05807616, located on the planet in four thousand light years. This signal was not constant, it is periodically interrupted. Scientists have suggested that distant light revolve around two planets the size of Jupiter. Astronomers call them KOI 55.01 and KOI 55.02. They are located relatively close to its sun. During the study, Elizabeth Greene, a member of the Steward Observatory at the University of Arizona, suggested that temperature, which is in such a dangerous proximity to the red light should be about five times higher than our sun.Although these planets are not burned because of it. Star KIC 05807616 quenched. It is gradually becoming a red giant. Its outer shell is subjected to expansion. However, within its core contracted and were heated to unimaginable temperatures. Thanks to the outer layers and the whole atmosphere of the planets have been completely miserable and ruthlessly destroyed the sizzling heat.About the same, though with some reservations, to happen in our solar system. When the Sun will swell to the size of the red dwarf and its outer layer can reach the Earth's orbit, the water will completely disappear from the face of the Earth. And just a couple of years, it will burn out completely."Our Planet — is extremely small, it will not be able to survive such a disaster. For example, Saturn and Jupiter are much more likely to stay alive, "- said Elizabeth Greene. Though, and you should not panic. This will happen in 4-5 billion years. Still do not know who by that time will inhabit the Earth.In addition, a number of scientists, astronomers believe that our planet will survive the death of the sun. Eva Viyaver from Madrid University said that will all depend on how the sun will be freed from the excess of matter. Most often during a supernova explosion ejects some of its planets in outer space.However, the light, similar to our Sun, become red giants at a time when their core depletes its nuclear "safety." In this case, the sun can absorb Venus and Mercury. In turn, the planet is likely to throw a more distant orbit. This will give opportunity
survive her expansion process of the sun. Thus, the Earth will have a simultaneous effect of two opposing forces. First — tidal, it will attract to its sprawling giant, and the second — the power of expulsion of excess energy. Which of these forces will have a greater impact, hard to predict.However, in this scenario, the planet can wait danger. It is possible that the Earth encounters with Mars. The result — both planets will turn into a huge amount of rocky meteorites. At the same time, the sun can shrink to the size of a white dwarf and then asteroids abundant rain fall on his face melted. Something similar could happen in 50 light years from our planet in another solar system.In that case, if the earth is still not collide with Mars, then it may well be on the safer orbit. And the white dwarf Sun will be its star. It has been suggested that in such circumstances the life on our planet will be reborn. Or, from the debris of destroyed planets form new planets that could support life.

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