The Dutchman, who dreamed of a flood, Noah decided to become the XXI century

In the Netherlands, returned from a voyage ship, the likes of which the world had not seen since biblical times. Local resident for example the Old Testament in November built the ark. On board the giant ship has everything to survive the global cataclysm: water, food, and even animals. Everything in Scripture — pair of every creature.

Rain falls incessantly for almost a month. For Johan Hubersa a sign: it's almost time. We have to work with greater zeal. Ark should be ready for the coming of the great water.

"The chances of surviving in the ark, probably 90 percent. If this wave in Japan. Remaining 10 percent I am, unfortunately, I can not guarantee" — says Johan Hubers.

Wooden hulk visible for several kilometers. Size of a five-story building the ark. Breadth of it 50 cubits, 300, height 30. Everything is exactly as described in the Bible. Genesis — a top aide. All drawings Johan Hubers made, carefully read the scripture.

"When Noah lived to be a very bad time. People were killing each other for no reason at all — says Johan Hubers. — And now the same time. Worldwide military conflicts. And human life is worth nothing. What's the difference? '

On board there is fresh water for the long voyage. Now fill the storage of food. Here and vegetables, and fruits.

Johan Hubersu help relatives. For three years, they sawed, planed and hammered nails. Johan charges faith and energy to all around.

"The Ark of the sea and can walk, so if you have food, you can live for 3-4 years", — said Jonathan Feynmar.

Looking out the window plastic crocodile, also have fake elephants and hippos, rubber kangaroo. Purchase these animals can not be the owner of the ark: expensive. Pet rescue easier.

Family Hubersov always ready to shelter animals that are not needed for some reason the owners. For example, a rabbit given, because he allegedly too big. In Noah's Ark this burly no hesitate. Rabbit on the ark was not alone. Pigeons that can bring an olive branch, while not here. But there is a parrot. Caring for them the daughter of modern Noah.

When his father had a dream that the Netherlands half under water, Debra one not discouraged father to build an ark. And never regret about it.

"All my friends saw the father works. They began to ask me questions: what's your daddy and what does he do it? — Says Debra Hubers. — At first I was a little bothered, I do not know how people would react to all this. But they showed part. I love that my dad built the ark. "

The footage, shot by Johan Hubersom his ark goes to the first swim 30 kilometers from Dordrecht to Rotterdam. Ark is certified to travel across the Atlantic Ocean. And while there is no flood, it will operate as a floating museum.

"If there is a big flood, I invite everyone on board to survive. Completely free," — says Johan Hubers.

Neighbors watching the ark seems even pet a special plant, guided by the biblical text: pair of every creature.


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