The enterprise Zaporizhstal fixed explosion


28.11.11.Nochyu November 27th the company "Zaporizhstal" an explosion triggered by the flash gas. The enterprise "Zaporizhstal" fixed explosion.

As a result of the incident, two injured workers were rushed to the enterprise to a local hospital with burns body. As reported in the "Iron and Steel", the plumber and the acting master of the blast furnace went to inspect the cooling oven. When people close to the oven for 10 meters, from furmovogo device spewed flames.

On Monday, November 28, territorial management Gosgorpromnadzora in Zaporizhzhya region has created a commission to establish the circumstances and to investigate the accident. According to the preliminary reason, there was a failure of the lance on the furnace number 3.

Source: URA Inform

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