The existence of the soul

November 25, 2011 6:43

Soul — a clot of low energy, so-called astral body capable of very strong impact on the physical body, and even material objects

In October 1968, students BBC BBC strange surprise announcement: "Now will include works by Liszt, Chopin and Beethoven, which were dictated by them from another world … Rosemary Brown" on the music started these composers, of which no one knew.

In the last century of the second millennium, scientists, and after them, and all sensible people were convinced that we do not have souls. There is only an abstract concept that explains the religious dogma, but an exciting children's fairy tales, such as "The King Stag" by Carlo Gozzi.

But then came the third millennium. And then more and more often in the media began to report on the very striking phenomenon objectively demonstrate that in spite of official science soul of a person still exists.

Invited radio specialists meticulously viewed scores of works that are broadcast on the BBC on-Sea. All the compositions of one to one match professional handwriting dead musicians! It turned out that they actually invented Liszt, Chopin, Beethoven and other great composers. Moreover, the management of the BBC gave the C to examination scores, and found that even a system of records in full compliance with the author's writing style of each of the composers!

All these different pieces of music were given edition radio from London housewife Rosemary Brown. According to her, all the score dictated it yourself … dead composers! And these are not known in the art works of the great genius was about four hundred. Derived from the world of the dead were not music sketches, but entire songs, composed mostly for piano, but some of them were written for symphony orchestra.

Unique person by whom the deceased composers began to transfer their work alive, Rosemary was surprised herself. One day she went to the old piano, which did not sit down for many, many years, and had become clumsy fingers touched the keys.

Rosemary suddenly felt that she was not alone in the room — behind her, someone was standing. She half turned. It was the great Franz Liszt! Then there was absolutely incredible: it is as if his fingers began to drive a woman, and they poured out a marvelous tune! Hungarian classic vanished as suddenly as it appeared, and after this case began to come to Rosemary almost every day. And every time she played with the filing of the ghost certainly a new work. As she wrote, "he used my hands, like a pair of gloves." First, "notes were on her tip toes," and then she was sad that such beautiful music can enjoy it alone.

She asked Leaf to shift the music notes and write it by hand on paper. Rosemary was so transfer music Liszt composed his death. One leaf was a white man with Rosemary man with soft features and introduced him: "My friend Frederic Chopin." Some time passed, and also began to play Chopin with rosemary on piano and write it by hand before no one had heard works … as claimed rosemary leaves began to lead her and other composers. Most of them became her good friends, others, such as Mozart, for some reason she does not stay long.

Now listen to the opinion of those derived from the world of spirits of the dead works of composers, a professional musician, a pianist Yehudi Menuhin: "I look at the manuscripts with great reverence. Each piece is definitely in the style of the composer. " The same opinion is shared by British composer Richard Rodney Bennett: "Improvise know how many, but the music can not be forged without the perennial exercise. Personally, I could not have faked anything under Beethoven. "

Clot low energy

It turns out that a person has a soul, and it really is immortal. But immediately raises two questions: what is the soul and where it resides after the death of the physical body?

At the Institute of Semiconductors of the Academy of Sciences of Lithuania ScD Eugenyus Kugis unique series of studies conducted. Accurate measurements by scientists have shown that when a person dies, he loses 3 to 7 grams of weight. Kugis suggested that this is the weight of the soul leaving the body. In his view, the soul is in each person. And not in the sense of the transfer, but literally, "The soul — a clot of low energy, the so-called astral body capable of very strong impact on the physical body, and even material things."

Here is the info about another interesting discovery made at Princeton University, USA. It turned out that the soul can not only weigh, but also feel. The following experiments, which were attended by psychics. By a specially designed installation from which light spilled balls seated psychic. When the psychic thought of balls, those falling hill formed the correct form. But he had only to focus on the ball, as the form of slides changed in his mind's command. According to the researchers, in the form of slides influenced soul of man, or, as it is now called, the astral body.

Now let's go back to Lithuania. Here, researchers Lolita and Darius Zhukasovy created equipment, allows us to see changes in the color of the soul. The man puts his hand on the device with sensors, shaped palm. Then turn on the camcorder aimed at the person and on the screen appeared, his head surrounded by a loop of his soul, painted in all sorts of colors depending on your mood, thoughts, and human health.

Interesting results were obtained in Russia by Petersburg scientists led by Dr. of Technical Sciences Professor Konstantin Korotkov. In their studies they used special equipment used to record changes in the glow of various substances in an intense magnetic field. According to the professor, the luminescence of the fingers of the dead could be observed for the gradual exodus from the body of some substance — the "soul" of a person having a power base. True, such a study was not always safe. In cases where the experiments were carried out with the recently deceased young people, the energy field of the past in some way influenced the scientists, and they felt uncomfortable.

Research outcome soul professor added the study of "extinction of field" — the soul in psychics. On the screen of his instrument is recognized human biological field. And suddenly it disappears. What happens: the body is, but there is no bio? Instead exactly glowing silhouette of man, reflecting the parameters of his bio, on the screen there quickly flashing and fading pulse again. According to K. Korotkov conducted experiments yielded "amenable to mathematical modeling picture of the human soul in a particular state." This made it possible to create a method for objective evaluation of real psychic abilities. After spending their sessions and help the suffering they can only in a particular state of his soul.

According to K. Korotkov, the experiments have convinced him of "the existence of what is called the human soul … The belief in the immortality of the soul, to some extent different. Strictly speaking, it is possible, in my opinion, to say that there is no death. There is a gyre, the eternal dance of transformation and metamorphosis. "

Research scientists at the turn of the millennium showed that the soul of man has the weight, shape and color. But they did not answer the question, what is, after all, is the soul in terms of modern science.


I repeatedly could talk with the oldest Russian ufologist, a leading scientific expert for the "Association of the unknown," Yu Fomin. Yuri — a man of encyclopedic knowledge — not for nothing that one of his books is called the "Encyclopedia of anomalous phenomena." In his monograph, Yuri Fomin talks about the perception of the world, multi-dimensional space and time, the nature of some of the anomalies and prospects for the evolution of mankind and the problems associated with the unknown flying objects.

The book contains a chapter that relates directly to the issue of life and death of a man and his soul — "Extracellular information structures." Yuri Fomin noted the discrepancy in the amount of information that can be in a single cell, giving rise to man, and the minimum amount necessary for the establishment and functioning of the human body. According to experts, the information capacity of a living cell not exceed 5.8 x 109 bits, and the minimum amount of information necessary to perform all the functions inherent in the cell and, especially, to program development of the cell of a new organism, must be not less than 1023-25 bit. In order to have an idea about the comparability of these values, ufologist gave the following example. If conditionally to the information capacity of the cell — 10 bits per millimeter, the value in 1023-25 is seven bits will be the distance from Earth to the Sun.

Where is stored this enormous amount of information needed for the development and functioning of the cell? According to Yuri Fomin, the carrier of genetic information is not the nucleus of the cell, and information-distribution structure. It is a kind of multi-dimensional education surrounding the cell and the whole body. This structure forms what is called the essence of the man, his "soul." And the human body — it is only a biological machine, which uses a "soul."


What happens when a person dies? We give the answer to this question to Yuri Fomin, "Death destroys the biological structure. But what happens to the information distribution structure? It persists after death, carrying all the information about the subject, and even has his own way. For a while she still has some activity at the expense of stored energy that can manifest a spiritual contact. " By the way, Yuri Fomin for many years engaged in the study of such contacts and in his apartment has several cabinets filled with records of such sessions.

As a result of centuries of human experience revealed certain patterns of loss of such activity information and distribution structures (soul) and found some critical moments of its occurrence. So on and came into use in the well-known terms: "nine days" and "forty days" after his death, in people who remember his family and relatives.

Thus, death should not be seen as a complete disappearance of the individual, but only as a transition to a different qualitative state, in which it continues to exist, and in some cases may even manifest itself in that we perceive the world.

The assumption that "once created to be saved and displayed in any way in the universe", all the more now grows in confidence. That contribute significantly to the works of Russian scientists and their discoveries in the field of Bioenergy. Physicist G. Shipov hypothesized that at the level of the physical vacuum can display the information of all. In it, as in a giant computer with infinite memory in an unlimited time there is information about everything and everyone, and sometimes this "computer" can access a person, the human brain. These people — the units, but they have always been there.

It was the great Franz Liszt. It was as if his fingers began to drive a woman, and they poured out a marvelous melody

Important role in the understanding of what is being done to a person after death, played a prominent Russian biologist, founder of the new scientific field — the wave of genetics — Peter Garyaev. "When we die, — the scientist — we do not disappear. We remain at the level of personality. " The man, in his view — is information and energy content of the genetic molecule, the convolution of the material and the energy of the human body, his physical body and the soul. Every man, as it marks a room where he was, the air breathed, the things which touch on everything he left the imprint of his personality … and questions about how we remember ourselves after death, our himself understands the subtle body — it is an experiment. While most people have accumulated empirical, which says that — yes, I remember. "


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