The expression of anger

In the way of self-knowledge, we can meet the most unexpected problems. Everyone knows the state of anger and rage. For some people, it is almost impossible to call, and for some it appears like a gust of wind, which turns into an impetuous hurricane.

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Most of the anger arises when the circumstances completely out of our control. People who can not only monitor the environment, but also to perceive it as such, are much less susceptible to such attacks.

Any qualified psychologist will tell you that is completely deny yourself the expression of feelings is very harmful, such behavior, in the coming years, can wrap up the health problems and lead to mental illness.

The philosophers of the ancient Orient believed that the hot-tempered man always has problems with biliary tracts, as the temper adversely affects their permeability and promotes the formation of these stones.

Let's take a look at the babies who have not yet had time to develop a more complex control mechanism with exasperation. If the baby is dissatisfied with something — it starts first thing to scream and cry, he does it as long as no splash out all the energy or do not eliminate the cause of irritation.

Irritated by people very close to the state of the infant, when his anger reaches a critical mass — it ceases to follow a logical design and a mechanism of infant behavior, except that such person is no longer a baby, and might do much more harm.

Anger, like all emotions — energy that is quite a wise man can use to their advantage. Not necessarily learn to deal with anger and feelings that cause this, it is enough to be able to use it efficiently, convert to another channel in constructive action.

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