The first festival of living history

From 6 to 12 August, the Ulyanovsk region will host the first festival "living history" called "Volga way." It will try to recreate the atmosphere of the Middle Ages in the Middle Volga. Planned a number of activities, including an international conference on experimental archeology, and realistic equestrian tournament.

The festival takes place at the location Archeopark (rural New Bedenga). The second event is the area of agro-tourist complex "Russian coast" (The Old Village Lane). Festival visitors will be able to dive into the world of the Middle Ages: to see life and the battle, watch the tournaments and competitions, take a look at the work of masters of crafts and visit the workshops (exhibition Crafts "Four Winds of Heaven"). All this under the great live music at the time.

This year marks the celebration of the 1150th anniversary of the Russian state. The forthcoming festival affect the event. "Volga Way" is a targeted program for the development of tourism. Its creation came from the people, and was encouraged by the authorities. It is expected that the festival will be held every year.

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