The flight to immortality

On the eve of the lightest and holy to all of us of the holiday — the Day of the Victory of the Soviet people over Nazi Germany, we want to pay tribute and memory to one of the millions who died in that terrible war. All the dead soldiers and officers, and all those whom fate has been predetermined to survive its horrors — the real heroes. But among them there are such people, a feat that shakes to the core. One of them — Alexander P. Mamkin.

Partizan Mommy's baby passes for boarding


Alexander P. Mamkin, Guard Lieutenant. Born in 1916 in the village of peasant Voronezh region. From 1931, he worked on the farm, in 1934 he entered the Orel Financial and Economic College. In 1936, as part of the 9th set enrolled in school Balashov GVF. In 1938 he became a candidate member of the CPSU (b). After school, he worked at the Tajik management GVF. Since 1942, in the 105 Guards. CAP CAF made no less than 70 night missions behind the German lines to the partisans on the plane R-5. In the night from 10 to 11 April 1944 planted the burning plane with evacuees from the German rear (10 children, 3 adults) in their territory; died of burns on April 17.
He was awarded the Order of the Red Banner (posm.), Order of the Patriotic War I, Art., The medal "Partisan of the Patriotic War» I Art. He was buried in the city of Smolensk region Velizh. 


During the Great Patriotic War, hundreds of our brave pilots, like Nikolai Gastello made fiery battering rams. They sent their burning cars in the concentration of enemy troops and equipment to the Nazi transports, bridges, ships, railway station … We can only guess how burning the living flesh responded to the decision of the brain — to ram! After all, as it is horrible, desperate act was getting relief from the pain and agony …


But Alexander Mamkin, carrying in their children from a burning plane guerrillas to the mainland, was at once deprived of the opportunity to end their suffering. The flames licked his body, but he knew he had to go the distance must bring their precious cargo. In the history of the Great Patriotic War, it was a feat unparalleled …

In the spring of 1944 near Vitebsk Belarusian partisans rescued a large group of Soviet children. Parents of dead or languishing in Nazi prisons. The Nazis used the children as donors regularly take their blood for wounded German soldiers.

Children in need of urgent medical treatment, and for this they need to be sent to the mainland. Command requested the transportation of children across the front line the best pilots of the front parts of civil aviation. One of them was our countryman Alexander P. Mamkin, a native peasant farm Repyevsky district. He was awarded the Order of the Red Banner and the World War I level, the medal "Partisan of the Patriotic War," the first degree.

The operation took place under the name "Star" in which their was removed more than 200 children, and 314 wounded guerrillas, the guerrillas have received 90 tons of ammunition and special cargo.

Children rescued during the operation "asterisk"

In the night from 10 to 11 April 1944 Mamkin pilot flew the children for the ninth time. Newsreel (yes, the guerrillas were sent to a special group of cameramen — to capture an event for the history and future generations) retained personnel loading the children in his plane. As the airfield was used Vechelie lake, but the ice was getting thinner, and I had to hurry.

Strange but true: in the plane Mamkina managed to squeeze ten children, their governess Valentine Latka and two adults wounded guerrillas. The pilot lifted the car and took her to his own. But on the approach to the front line came under German fire "night light".

Pilot crossed the front line on the already burning car. Motor burned, the flames got to the open cockpit. Burning the boots and overalls with parachute straps charred headset, the fire began to melt glass flying points. Burning pilot picked a suitable site and successfully landed the plane. He got the first out of the older boy Vladimir Shishkov. He ran up the soldiers pulled out of the plane of all passengers; partition separating the cockpit, burnt, and some of them have already smoldering clothes.

Mamkin pilot climbed out of the cab itself, but behind the charred bones of legs refused to serve him. Before losing consciousness, he asked a single question: "Children are alive?" Flyer was taken to the hospital, but do nothing was impossible. April 17 Mamkin pilot died. On this day, it commemorates all those who cherish the memory of him — only the children and grandchildren of the rescued children to them at the end of 1970 it was more than thirty. Remember him in 227 secondary school in Moscow, where it survived Museum of Military Glory 105 Regiment GVF.

Of archival information of the Central Archives of the city of Podolsk:

"In the report the commander of the first transport-bomber squadron 105 Gran CAF commander of the combat operation in April 1944. in the "casualties" states: "In the night of 10 April 11, a P-5 02-03, piloted by Lieutenant Guard Mommy, when returning to base with Vechelie partisan grounds, they reach the front line, was hit by enemy anti-aircraft fire from the which caught fire in the air. On the burning plane, burning alive, Mamkin pilot landed on the shores of Lake Bolnyrya. As a result, 10 children have been rescued, 2 wounded guerrillas and the teacher. "

  The pilot Mamkina was behind the parachute, and he could be saved, but there were children on board. He saw the boyish face — thin, emaciated, saw their little eyes lit up when they learned that their luck Mamkin home. A P-5 was burned completely. Guard pilot Lt. Alexander Mamkin was taken to a hospital in Lada, where on April 17 died from burns.

 Multirole aircraft P-5

In the article "Feat of Alexander Mamkina" written by academician ABOP Ludmila Zhukova, the daughter of Alexander P. Mamkina-soldier, has the following lines:

"Came to the rescue to the crash site, the torch burning plane doctors have not been able to find an explanation for this phenomenon. How could a man who sees nothing in the face with swimming goggles, "canned" stand right course to the east? How could hold the helm when the merciless hands licking flames? How could the charred bones to their feet to pedal, to land, to get out and take a step to the passenger cabin, from which came the cry babies? In the history of the Great Patriotic War, it was the only feat, unparalleled …"

Battle friends buried him at the walls of the church in the village of Maklok. After the war, his remains were reburied at the memorial cemetery "Lidova Mountain" in Velizh.

April 17, it commemorates all those who cherish the memory of him — only the children and grandchildren of the rescued children to them at the end of 1970 it was more than thirty. Gone … years. There is no longer the land of our heroic ancestors. In the dashing 1990s, when many school museums were closed, at the initiative of the 227 th school Valentina Averianova not only kept the exposure, but every year the school celebrated the anniversary of the feat Mamkina, Victory Day.

Newsreel footage from the pilot Mommy and children went into the movie "The People's Avengers," "Road without a halt," the epic "Great Patriotic War" (4th series). In the seventh film of the Belarusian documentary series "The War. Known and unknown "report, devoted to Mommy's and children begins at the 13th minute.

You can see these pictures thanks to the courage of frontline cameramen and photographers — such as Vladislav Mikosha or Suhova Maria, one of the few female military cameramen. Most likely, she shot footage which we are talking. And, as Mamkin, she also remained forever in 1944. Was mortally wounded by shrapnel German mines, but managed to tell the command of the detachment, which kept the footage.


   And for which they received the Order of the U-2 pilots?.

For this example. Or, in the same 105th Guards. CAF CAP cases were: a pilot Nikolai Zhukov in 1942, a few days flew over the front line in search of the wounded commander-39 General Maslen
nikov. Found evacuated, was awarded the Order of Lenin.

Eugene Shirshov flown and landed U-2, driving handle knees — anti-aircraft missile broke both his arms (left and then had to be amputated).

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